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Greetings to You!

FAMILY BIBLE CHURCH KINGMAN believes in the inerrancy and the sufficiency of Scripture. One might ask, ‘What in the world is wrong with the church today?’ The answer is obvious – most evangelical, Bible professing Christians and churches would readily admit they believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and yet when pressed would also admit that the Bible is not wholly sufficient for the real problems and needs the world faces today. Psychology and the wisdom of men are all to convenient substitutes for the Word of God. Has God changed? Is He impotent, is He asleep or indifferent to the modern needs of mankind? God’s Word is as relevant and powerful as it was when it was first penned thousands of years ago. The Bible says, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. The true fallen, depraved and wicked nature of man has not changed either. We are still seeking something, anything to replace what we already know to be the truth. God has revealed His truth in us (General Revelation: Creation) and to us (Special Revelation: His holy Word). Romans 1:20 
The Truth is a Person: the LORD Jesus Christ. He is to be exalted and given preeminence as the High King of Heaven. Any other pursuit of individuals or the professing church is foolishness and will end in apostasy and maybe even heresy. It is our high and holy calling, as church leaders and gatekeepers of the truth, to hold fast to the apostle’s doctrine and discern when false teaching and teachers invade the sanctity of the Christian Church.
Our mandate then, as true called out believers, is to become ministers of reconciliation carrying the Word of reconciliation, as ambassadors for Christ we plead with those who are perishing, on behalf of the Christ who sends us, ‘be reconciled to God!’ – 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; 2 Timothy 6:20
It is time the church “Bring it Home!” by saying, ‘YES’ to God by loving God and loving others and serving God by serving others. We proclaim the living Christ, provide a living hope and reproduce, by God’s grace, living, mature disciples of Jesus Christ.
If God should draw you, we extend the invitation to see for yourself what God is doing here in Kingman and specifically at Family Bible Church Kingman.

Pastor-Teacher: Peter A. Ernst