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Greetings to You!
Manzanita Baptist Church is now FAMILY BIBLE CHURCH. For years we've prayed about a name change at MBC. Family Bible Church (FBC) is more consistent to who we want to be and to who we are as the family of God.
The very first institution that God created was marriage and then the family, the church was another created institution at Pentecost in Acts chapter 2: Too often churches compete, either unknowingly or because it has become the way we do church, essentially usurping the role of the father and mother as the primary Christian educators of their homes. Having been a Youth Pastor I remember too well parents coming to me pleading with me that as the Youth Pastor and the church we could fix their child. It is the role of the church to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry not to take the role given by God to parents. Men are notorious in willingly giving permission to the church or to their wives to do what God has called and tasked them to do.The ministry of the home and family is the most important role given to mankind. Is it any wonder the enemy and the world is doing their utmost to destroy the Biblical definition of marriage and the family?
This new identity is actually a return to the Scriptural mandate to give back to the parents, especially the father, the primary role of parent and Christian educator of their own children. Our job, as the church, is to come alongside the parents and family to help them, champion them and equip them to do what God Himself created them to be able to do best. I (WE) are very excited to see whatever God will choose to do when He once again is given the mandate to heal marriages and homes so our churches can once again be a bastion of safety and the beacon of light to shine the truth of God's Holy Word into a dark sin stained world. Will you pray with us towards this end? Our new motto will be: "Bring it Home!" We want to be a church that says, YES to God by loving God and loving others and by serving God by serving others. We proclaim the living Christ, provide a living hope and reproduce, by God's grace, living disciples. If God should draw you, we invite you to come and see for yourself what God is doing here in Kingman and specifically at FBC. Pastor Pete and the Family Bible Church Elders