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May 2017

Tells in Thailand

“The Christian Life”

Whatever Happened to Sin? Part Two

Last week Pastor Pete introduced the giving of the law from Exodus Chapter 19:1-20:2. The way the law of God was given is just as important as the law itself. We need a proper fear of God again within our churches and within our own personal lives. In this week's message we will hear the moral law itself and answer three relevant questions for each of the ten commandments: 1.) What is the meaning of this law? 2.) What happens if we break this law? 3.) What are the blessings if we walk in the Spirit seeking to keep this law? Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE! This service is dedicated to the memory of Josh Seibert, fine Christian man, fearless preacher of the gospel and defender of the faith.

April 2017

“Whatever Happened to Sin?”

The Moral Law of God (The Ten Commandments) was never intended to be ten suggestions. God is holy, just and good just as His Word and just as His law is holy, just and good. The laws of God illustrate the character and holiness of God. To break the law is to offend the very Person of God Himself. So then, how do we approach a holy, perfect and Sovereign God? This message, from Pastor Pete is taken primarily from Romans 7:13 and Exodus 19: Within these two chapters we gain insight into the giving and receiving of the law to Moses and to the children of Israel. Their initial response and attitude in receiving the law of God should be a great example to us of what God expects of us and from us today. "Whatever Happened to Sin?" Part One. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

“What Shall We Say Then”

Unfortunately, much confusion exists inside and outside of the church today on the subject of the Law of God and its purpose to reveal, provoke, lead and settle its holy, righteous and perfect purpose. The Apostle Paul, in Romans 7:7-12, leads his readers to a thoughtful conclusion as to the Law of God and its purpose in our lives. "What Shall We Say Then?" - (Is the Law, SIN?) Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Living the Resurrected Christian Life

This year FBC celebrated Easter with a theme and exhortation to live the resurrected Christian life. The program was divided into four parts with each part giving a Scripture reading, music and a short exhortation. The Seven words of encouragement in the challenge to live the resurrected Christian life came with an exhortation: for Goodness Sake, for Christ's Sake, for God's Sake, for Pete's Sake, for Mercy's Sake, for Pity's Sake and lastly, for Heaven's Sake. Let's Bring it Home as we Listen for LIFE!

What’s So Good About Good Friday?

The Kingman Evangelical Ministerial Association Annual Good Friday Service had ten local churches and Pastor's represented at the host church: Family Bible Church. The program was only one hour in length with Scripture readings, Hymns and Praise music, Special music and four dramatic readings given by four local Pastors: the Cry of Forgiveness: the Apostle Peter, the Cry of Relief: Simon of Cyrene, the Cry of Confession: the Thief on the Cross and the Cry of Lordship: the Centurion. Our Father God smiles when He sees the Church of Kingman come together crossing congregational lines, borders and boundaries all for His glory and for the furtherance of His powerful Gospel. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE

Dead to the Law but Alive to Christ – Part Two

Married?  Yes, but to Which Husband? Romans 7:1-6

Dead to the Law but Alive to Christ

After being away from our Romans study for a few months we are back with this week's message covering Romans 7:1-6. "Dead the the Law but Alive to Christ!" (Married? YES, But to Which Husband?) 1. We have been released from the law (Romans 7:1-3) The Old Law and Old Marriage) 2. We have been joined to Christ! Romans 7:4-6 (The New Liberty and New Marriage) We have a new freedom, a new family, a new fruitfulness and a new life in Christ! Let's bring this home as we listen for Life!

March 2017

He Did Say Go

This week's message was brought by Ed Clavel partner in the work with the South West Church Connection for the Conservative Baptist Church's in the Southwest region. Ed spoke to us on the Biblical distinctives in being part of the SWCC ministry. An emphasis on the Word of God and Biblical Gospel preaching is what sets our movement and association apart from many denominations today. Listen for Life as you Bring it Home!