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April 2015

Paul’s Past and Present Passion

Paul's identity used to be wrapped up in all that (he thought) he was doing for God. After his conversion, his identity changed to who he was in Christ and an ever-growing passion for Him - from this, Paul did amazing things for Christ and His kingdom. OBJECTIVE: Like Paul, we can have an unwavering focus on Christ.

Elder Board Q & A

The Greatest F.E.A.T. In History

Easter / Resurrection Sunday is the hi-lite of the believer’s and Christian’s faith. Without it our faith is in vain and we are the most of men to be pitied. (I Corinthians 15:12-19) This year’s Easter / Resurrection Sunday Celebration features a short message by one of MBC’s Elders: Erick Hurt answering the question why the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ was the most amazing F.E.A.T. in the history of the world. Erick then challenged the men of MBC to stand and give testimony to what difference the resurrection has made in their lives. This was a very powerful and anointed of the Holy Spirit message and service! Listen for LIFE!

March 2015

A Shield in Times of Trouble – Part Two

Last time Pastor Pete took us into the historical background of Psalm 3: and the coup of King David’s son, Absalom. In this message we will see a shadow of Christ Himself as He rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday knowing the promise of betrayal and yet able to ride triumphantly into a City that would in just one week’s time put Him to death by crucifixion. Sermon Outline: Our complaint, v. 1,2; Our Confession, v. 3,4; Our Conviction, v. 5,6; Our Commitment, v. 7; Our Confidence, v. 8. As we come to this psalm and God plucks at our heart strings, we must pause to “SELAH” and make the necessary adjustments to our hearts and lives. Listen For LIFE!

A Shield in Times of Trouble

Have you ever woke up facing battles not of your own choosing? Conflicts left and right, from work, from family, from friends who’ve deserted and forsaken you, maligned you and even hated you? King David, the Psalmist, woke up one morning with the realization of the horror of his kingdom taken from him through the treachery of his son Absalom. Those loyal to his kingdom and rule had been lured away and their hearts stolen by his son. It doesn’t get more tragic than this! What do we do in the face of such betrayal, trouble and heartache? David pours out his heart, in Psalm chapter 3: before God then and before us as we see him surrounded by his enemies, shielded by his God, sustained by his God, saved by his God and ultimately surrendered to his God. Take comfort in the Word of God for your life today. Listen for Life!

The Beasts of the Field Give Glory to God

This Sunday is part two of the two part creation series – the Heavens and the Beasts of the Field Give Glory to God; as last week’s message focused on the creation of the heavens (and earth) and refuted the Big Bang theory, this Sunday’s message examines the so-called “evidence” put forth by evolutionists. This message scientifically and biblically refutes the theory of evolution on every plane. It turns out that all scientific phenomena clearly point to a marvelous creator and that life created from randomness and disorder is an invalid conclusion

The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord

God is revealed to us by two primary means: His Specific or Special Revelation but also by His General Revelation. Most Sunday morning sermons emphasize God’s Specific Revelation via expository or topical preaching from the Bible. While this is considered of utmost importance to emphasize God’s Special Revelation to the church, it is also important for the church to see how God is manifested outside of the Holy Scriptures; General Revelation can be a powerful evangelical tool to communicate God to the varying “levels” of unbelievers. Today’s message will refute the Big Bang Theory in a step-by-step examination. It is important for people to realize that, although the Big Bang Theory (and Evolution, examined next week) is the most prominent view of origins presented in schools, museums and other places, the less prominent view of origins - creation of everything by God - is the only true and logical view given all of the evidence.


Psalm 2:1-12 is a Messianic Psalm describing the collective hatred of mankind in rebellion against the rule and authority of God over men. This Psalm sets the record straight as to Who is in authority and in charge over the affairs of men. The High KING of Heaven is not One to be trifled with or to be tempted with sedition, rebellion and treason. We must all (“Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and perish in the way.” - Psalm 2:12a) In a time where it seems as if all hell has broken lose and the kings of the earth are cutting down the righteous in world-wide persecution and hatred of Christ and of believers, we all must be reminded once again that God is still on His throne and orchestrates over the affairs of men. (“He who sits in heaven shall laugh, the LORD shall hold them in derision!” – Psalm 2:4) This message is one we all need to hear again and again to set our minds straight as to the true war and battle in the heavenlies over truth and righteousness. Take hope and comfort in the One true Ruler over the Universe, “The HIGH KING of HEAVEN! (“Now, therefore, be wise O kings; be instructed you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling.” - Psalm 2:10,11) – Listen for LIFE!

February 2015

ROMANS: A Peek Inside the Door Part Two

In Part Two from last week’s sermon on an introduction to the Book of Romans, Pastor Pete takes us on an overview of Saul, later to become Paul’s life. From Saul’s impressive religious credentials and passion to destroy the people of “the Way,” in his youth, to his amazing conversion on the road to Damascus, his changed heart, life and Spirit filled passion for Christ and His Gospel, we see Saul the Persecutor turn into Paul the Persecuted. Listen for LIFE!

Romans: A Peek Inside the Door

Where does one begin when trying to give a proper introduction to such an amazing doctrinal book such as the Book of Romans? In this week’s sermon, Pastor Pete will ask and answer seven fundamental questions to help us take a peek inside this amazing book. Why was the letter written? Who was it written to? What is the theme and simple outline? How does the Old Testament Tabernacle wonderfully illustrate the flow of the book of Romans in: Condemnation, Justification, Sanctification, Consecration and Glorification? What questions does the book of Romans answer for the believer? What made the ministry and legacy of the Apostle Paul so great? Listen for Life!