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September 2014

Trials, Tribulations and Persecution

Blessed Assurance

What is eternal life? How do we get eternal life? Can we lose eternal life? God's Word has all the answers. Do you have eternal life? Believe and receive.

August 2014

The Gospel of Mark – The Current Ministry of Jesus Christ

Mark 16:9-20 is under attack today by Christians as well as unbelievers. In the last teaching message from the Gospel according to Mark, on Mark 16:15-20, we are reminded once again of the “Current Ministry of Jesus Christ” (The Continuing Story of the Christian Church) Pastor Pete unfolds Our collective Command in verses 15,16 to (Go, Preach and Believe); Our collective Confirmation in verses 17,18 to (Follow Boldly, Follow Fearlessly and to Follow Compassionately); and Our collective Confidence in verses 19,20 of (Christ Glorified, Christ Victorious, and Christ Enthroned). What a blessing this amazing book has been to my life personally (Pastor Pete) and to our church family. Since March of 2012 we’ve covered eighty-one messages from this diamond mine of glorious teaching from the life experiences of the Apostle Peter to us. May your life be enriched as well as you Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus Christ

Have you ever tried sharing a personal experience that few believed? Imagine how frustrating for those who witnessed and experienced the resurrection visitation of Jesus Christ and then when they tried to share their good news were soundly rejected and disbelieved? What is the gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ? What should we expect from both the church and unchurched when we share our experience with the resurrected LORD? Pastor Pete will be sharing from Mark 16:9-15 in this week’s sermon. Listen for Life!

Sharing Ministry From Thailand

Who we are. What we do. Who we serve. What are we doing next.

The Gospel of Mark – “The Mark Dilemma”

Why do some Bible’s contain Mark 16:9-20 and others either leave it out completely or strongly suggest that it doesn’t belong in the “Earliest and BEST manuscripts.” Is this section of Scripture the true Word of God or an addition by unscrupulous translators? If it is an addition can we trust the rest of Scripture? There is a war raging in the heavenlies and here on planet earth as well to pervert, distort, call into question the integrity, authority, veracity and reliability of our Holy Scriptures. What do we believe about the truth of Scripture? Is it the very Words of God, God breathed, inspired and true from cover to cover? In this week’s message Pastor Pete will take the time to answer these questions in the “Mark Dilemma” (Is this the end to Mark’s Gospel?) Mark 16:9-20. Listen for LIFE!

July 2014

The Gospel of Mark – The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

This week’s message will seek to put you into the scene and sandals of the women approaching the empty tomb of Jesus Christ. In Mark 16:1-8 we see the grief of the women as they approach the tomb and then the glory of the angelic announcement of His resurrection. Pastor Pete will pose a number of questions to the hearer of the seeming insurmountable stones and obstacles that tend to keep us from entering into the resurrection story of victory, praise and the glory of Christ. Often our attention is focused backwards, inwards, outwards but rarely upwards. What will it take for us to see and experience for ourselves the power and glory of the cross and the gospel message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Please listen for LIFE!

Unveiling the Sabbath

God designed that the seventh day (the Sabbath, which begins nightfall on Friday and lasts until nightfall on Saturday) would be a special memorial to His creation and its original perfection. The Sabbath was to remind the people of Israel that they had forfeited paradise. There is no question that nine of the Ten Commandments are permanent and binding. Jesus is perfect and holy yet, according to the Jews, He violated the fourth commandment (to remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy {six days you shall labor and do all of your work…on the seventh day you will do no work; Exodus 20:8}. Also see Mark 2:23) of the Sabbath multiple times by healing, gathering food and other activities. As God’s church, how are we to understand the place that the Sabbath plays, if any, in the life of God’s people? This Sunday, we will discuss that Sunday, also called the Lord’s Day, has not replaced the Sabbath and that Jesus’ sacrifice put an end to the priesthood, the need for a sacrificial system and the Sabbath.

Our Freedom In Christ

We just celebrated the freedom this country won from the tyranny of the King of England so let's look at our freedom from the tyranny that the king of this world, Satan, tries to hold over us.

June 2014

The Gospel of Mark – The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ – Part Two