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October 2013

Jonah – Love Others

Thomas a' Kempis, a late 14th century writer/theologian once wrote, “Whoever loves much, does much.” At the beginning of this account Jonah had an extremely strong desire to not love God. He tried to do his best to hinder God from even thinking of using him in this regard. In the middle of the sea God put him in the stomach of the great fish and did some delicate and powerful spiritual surgery on Jonah’s heart. Jonah walks out of the situation with most likely a rancid smell but a fresh start. Now it is time for Jonah to do what God was and is calling him to do, ‘love the Ninevites’. Let’s see what God has to teach us about loving others by studying the example of Jonah.

Jonah – Serve God

Last time we talked we left Jonah in the stomach of a big fish. As I mentioned before, that situation was unexpected, uncomfortable, and lengthy. You might wonder, considering all this, how could something good ever come out of being trapped in the bowels of a smelly, hot, slim infested fish?! That’s a great question and as we go on in our series you will see that this was a perfect stage for God to do some open-heart surgery on. Jonah might have entered the fish a rebellious denier of God but he came out an obedient servant. Let’s climb into the fish with Jonah for a while and let God work on our hearts.

Jonah – Love God

What does loving God look like? In a world where the definition of love has seemed to be molded under some kind of relativistic structure this is a hard question for many to answer. Here at Manzanita Baptist Church we have adopted a mission statement that says we will “say YES! to loving God, loving others, serving God, and serving others.” Jonah gives us some great insight into all four of these elements. In this sermon we will focus on loving God and through the failure of Jonah in doing this my prayer is that we will be challenged to ask the question, ‘Am I loving God in my life or am I pulling a Jonah?’. What thing(s) do you and I have to stop fighting Him on and start surrendering to Him in?

September 2013

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of True Spiritual Healing Part Two

This week’s message covers Part Two of A Question of True Spiritual Healing, (How to Receive a Spiritual Healing from God) Mark 10:46-52 In Part One Pastor Pete shared true and false conversion insights. In this week’s lesson we will discover even steps to faith as illustrated through the testimony and experience of blind Bartimaeus. Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of True Spiritual Healing

In this week’s message Pastor Pete retells the Biblical account of Blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52. This man’s physical blindness gives us a road map of how to be cured and healed from our spiritual blindness. LISTEN FOR LIFE as we hear seven thoughtful principles for how to receive spiritual healing and salvation in Christ alone. “So Jesus stood still”, Mark 10:49, we are the ones who must move in faith to where He stands acknowledging Him for who He is and seeking His mercy, grace and salvation by faith. Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of True Greatness

Doesn’t it seem that most of us are carried away with a crazy, mad scramble to be first, to get our just and deserved share? We don’t necessarily care if it is a fair share for others as long as we get our piece of the pie. Jesus modeled TRUE GREATNESS best for us through His patient and loving interaction with His disciples when He: 1.) Went up before them (Mark 10:32a) in His Leadership. 2.) Went up with them (Mark 10:32b,33) In His Friendship. 3.) Went up for them (Mark 10:33,34) through His Relationships. 4.) Went up because of them (Mark 10:35-37) in His Ownership, and 5.) Went up as an example to them (Mark 10:38-45) through our Discipleship. The key verse of the book of Mark is found in this section, Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.” When we put God first , others second and ourselves last (Jesus, Others, You) this is when true joy and happiness comes into our lives. In this week’s teaching, Pastor Pete shares the servant ministry and example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – Discovering Buried Treasure

Pastor Pete teaches from Mark’s Gospel, Mark 10:17-31, three questions that all of us need to ask and have answered: 1.) A Question of True Riches, vss. 17-22; 2.) A Question of True Salvation, vss. 23-27; and 3.) A Question of True Rewards, vss. 28-31. If we were to not only hear the questions but listen and understand the answers, from our Lord, we would potentially save much energy and resources in pursuing all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. A Spirit filled focus is essential as we seek to be true followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – For of Such is the Kingdom of God

What is in the heart of man? Only God knows the truth of our hearts. Pastor Pete shares from Mark 10:13-16 the words of Jesus as He looks into the heart of parents, children, His own disciples and then reveals His own heart for the lost. In this message we will be able to glean a true picture, from the mind and heart of the Great Physician, the true state of the human heart. Jeremiah 17:9 reminds us that the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked – who can know it? What man really needs is heart surgery and a heart transplant. How we come to Christ is revealed in this short passage, hint: as a child. The challenge of adults who have long forgotten their childhood attitudes will be recalled to mind as we consider how we need to approach our faith, salvation and eternity. Listen for Life!

August 2013

The Gospel of Mark – Marriage Matters

The family unit as God designed and created it is in trouble. Marriage and the family are the building blocks that a healthy society rests on. When marriages fail and families disintegrate the nation is sure to follow. What does God think of marriage and divorce? Pastor Pete will unwrap the words of Jesus in Mark 10:1-12. In this practical message, for the home and family, we will hear: 1.) The reality of Divorce and its ultimate effects on society as a whole, 2.) The reason for marriage as God designed and instituted it, and lastly, 3.) The results of Divorce and Re-Marriage, and practical Biblical application for those to those unmarried, to those married and not divorced, to those divorced and not yet remarried and lastly, for those who are divorced and remarried. Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – God Is In The Nursery

What does God think of child abuse and child abusers? Most of us would never consider putting ourselves in that category and yet anyone who causes a little child or newborn believer to stumble is under God’s most severest judgment and discipline. Before you think you are exempt of this sin maybe we had better examine God’s definition of what child abuse is in His sight and submit ourselves to His righteous judgment. How do we keep ourselves from such heinous and egregious sins of any stripe? Pastor Pete, in Mark 9:42-50, will share Scriptural counsel from Christ Himself that will remedy once and for all even the potential for sins that will cause others to stumble. It is a good thing to learn to fear God. It is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 1:7) Listen for LIFE!