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March 2017

“The Safest Place”

Gary Rucker brought the message on a topic of great relevance to our lives. We seek safety when Jesus promised just the opposite if we were to be genuine followers of Him. Our security and safety are wrapped up in the Person and Work of Christ Himself. In Him we are in the safest place possible in this life. No matter what the world or providence might serve us we can be confident in God's presence and His provision. Gary's message came from I Peter 1:3-9 including 1. Our inheritance is safe. 2. Our truth in God's Word is safe. 3. Our safety compels us to trust God always. Bring it Home as you Listen for Life!

The Power of Multiplication

This Sunday Rev. Jim from Global Training Network.From 2 Timothy 2:2 we were reminded of the power of multiplication and the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ to go into all the world preaching the gospel to every creature. Bring it Home as you Listen for Life!

Whose Glory?

This week's message is from one of our missionaries from the last 23 years. Randy and Diana Smyth are with New Tribes Mission and Randy served for many years as a missionary pilot to the remote tribal areas of Papua, New Guinea. In this message Randy gives a wonderful report and synopsis of the last 10 years of ministry and their call back to the States as a recruiter for more workers and Bible translators. A compelling truth brought to the FBC congregation was from two provocative questions: 1.) Who's Glory? 2.) Who Says? Text: Colossians chapter 1: A personal challenge to the listener is to listen for these two points and then to ask yourself the same two questions. Our hope is that you will BRING it HOME for yourself as you Listen for LIFE!

February 2017

Eternal Life for One Who Trusts

How does a person come to faith and experience true assurance of salvation? All of mankind is sure of their own goodness and have a self-righteousness that they expect will usher them into heaven and before the throne of God. The truth is "There is none righteous no not one." (Romans 3:10-18) The message from Psalm 16:1-11 is from the heart of King David and is an appeal to the lost to be found. The irony is that without exception all who are lost think they are already found and in fact not lost at all! How do you rescue someone lost if they don't think they are? It is God and God alone who chooses us, calls us, redeems us, forgives and pardons us, justifies and sanctifies and ultimately glorifies us. Unless God opens our eyes and ears to see and hear God's voice none of us will be saved. Pastor Pete teaches this week from Psalm 16: "Eternal Life for One Who Trusts." A Matter of Life and Death! Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Characteristics of the Godly

King David knew a little about what true righteousness and holiness looked like. He had just completed giving a concise explanation on what the characteristics of the godless looked like in Psalm 14: and now in Psalm 15: he gives the opposite synopsis on the characteristics of the Godly. In this week's message Pastor Pete teaches on what God inspects and inspects. Two honest questions from a holy God in verse one of Psalm 15: and then five honest answers from holy men and women on what God expects and inspects in verses two through six. Our character, our conversation, our relationships, our business concerns and our personal commitments are all an honest insight into true Christ like holiness. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Do You Want To Get Well?

John 5:1-15

“Characteristics of the Godless”

This week as we come back to the study of the Psalms Pastor Pete unwraps Psalm 14: Verse one begins: "The fool has said in his heart there is no God." How do we as believers deal with unbelievers? The first thing we have to do is come to understand the fundamental difference in world views we have with them and vise versa. A Biblical perspective will go a long way in helping us deal with our unsaved friends, relatives, associates and neighbors. It is never our prerogative to call someone a fool, that is God's place, not ours. Unbelievers prove they are fools because of their unbelief and as a result their fallen and depraved choices in life.Sermon Title: "Characteristics of the Godless" (The Insanity of Depravity) Psalm 14: 1-7 Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

January 2017

Annual Family (business) Meeting

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Do the Needful SOUL WORK

Over the last number of weeks we've been going through the Book of Romans line by line, word by word, precept by precept. The practical application sometimes gets lost in the overwhelming avalanche of Biblical truths and life principles. In this week's lesson we take a brief departure from the Book of Romans to do a physical and spiritual check-up to see what adjustments need to be made to our diet and overall health, both physically and spiritually. Our souls, our bodies, our hearts, our lives and minds matter to God and should to us as well. "Doing the Needful Soul Work" What story will our physical and spiritual check-ups tell us as the Body of Christ? Soul Sickness is curable if we are willing to take the right medicines. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

“Putting Sin to Death: from Principle to Practice” Part Three

Not all slavery is bad. Now there's a controversial statement! The Apostle Paul referred to himself as the writer of Scripture in many of his New Testament books as a slave of Jesus Christ. Romans chapter 6: suggests we are either a slave of Satan and of sin or we are a slave of righteousness and of God as our Master and LORD. We have already been given victory over sin. Claiming it, living in it, choosing to experience it is something else entirely. The old illustration of Fact: the Steam Engine, Faith: the Coal Car and Feeling: the Caboose serves as an excellent reminder of how we must choose to Know the Truth, Reckon it to be fact by faith and then to choose to yield our feelings and members to the truth by faith. When we climb out of the caboose of feelings and into the engine of faith we begin to see spiritual progress as we collect momentum in our life of faith. This week's message is part three in "Putting Sin to Death: from Principle to Practice" (The Doctrine of Sanctification in Practice - YIELD) Romans 6:15-23 Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!