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December 2013

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of True Authority Part Two

In Mark 12:1-12 Jesus gives a pointed parable directed at the Pharisees, Scribes and Religious rulers of the temple in Jerusalem. No truth is spared in letting these hypocritical religious leaders know their sin. Rejecting the Messiah, conspiring to put Him to death, falsely accusing and convicting Him of crimes He did not commit were just a few of their offenses. They, like those who had gone before them, had persecuted, threatened, and even killed the prophets that had been sent to them by God. The practical application for us today is apparent. That even we are guilty of rejecting the Savior and treating Him shamefully. Pastor Pete pleads on Christ’s behalf to be reconciled to God and to not add to our guilt by treating the precious Son of God as did these religious leaders and rulers who surely knew better. May we use more sense as we LISTEN for LIFE!

Faith Promise: Unlocking God’s Resources

2 Corinthians 8-9

November 2013

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of True Authority

One of the great burdens we carry from day to day is the weight of disgruntled, threatened, unhappy people who seem to delight in making our lives miserable. How do we deal with difficult people, whether it be family, jobs, community or even within our church? In this week’s passage, Mark 11:27-12:12 Pastor Pete unwraps how Jesus dealt with the unhappy Pharisees, Sadducees and Religious leaders in His day, people who questioned His divinity and sovereign authority. Hopefully, the application for our lives will be obvious. Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of True Faith and Forgiveness

Last week’s message on hypocrisy in worship is as blatantly and shamelessly out of control today as it was under Jesus ministry 2000 years ago. How does one show truth, integrity and authenticity in their walk with God and Christianity? It is actually very easy to see fruit or the lack of it in a person’s life especially in these two areas of Christianity: Faith and Forgiveness. Jesus teaches His disciples then and now on these two essential graces within the believers life. It is actually impossible to truly have one without having the other. May God open our eyes and ears to see and hear the truth of what is the very essence of Christ Himself and the mission He expects us to unwrap every day we are alive. Listen for LIFE

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of TRUTH

Are you sick and tired of being lied to? Whether it be in the home, in our government, on the job and even within the boundaries of the church it seems we are all infected with lies by the father of lies: Satan. Lest we blame all of our sinful lying on Satan we need to realize that once we are redeemed we have been transferred out from the kingdom of darkness into the realm of God’s light. Truth should be our belt that every other piece of armor hangs. We are tasked to walk in truth, live in truth, speak the truth, be ready for the consequences for living a truthful life. The world in Jesus day killed Him for living and speaking out the truth, as the Way, the TRUTH and the Life. This message examines seven simple questions from the Mark 11:21-22. What are you hungry for? (11:12) What are you living for? (11:13a) What are you hoping for? (11:13b,14) What are you Passionate about? (11:15,16 What are you running from and towards? (11:17) What / Who do you fear? (11:18,19) and lastly, What are the true roots in your life?(11:20-22) Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of True IDENTITY

In this week’s message, from Mark’s Gospel chapter 11:1-11, Pastor Pete examines how the people who flocked to Jesus to welcome Him as their sovereign Lord and King one week later flocked to Him to seek to kill Him? Have you ever been mistaken when identifying a person and found out they were not who you thought they were? For three and a half years Jesus had faithfully taught His disciples and the multitudes that had flocked to Him who He was, where He was going and what was going to happen to Him and why, and yet… they still mistook Him and sought to crown Him their King when He had not been received as their Lord. Does this sound familiar even today? We are more than willing to seek out Jesus and even flock to Him when we think there is something in it for us but when we find out this same God expects surrender, sacrifice and even the potential of suffering we back off and back away from this kind of commitment. What if we truly understood not only who God is in Christ but stepped fully in to all He is and asks from us? What would happen then? Listen for LIFE!

October 2013

Jonah – Part Four Serve Others

Most of us enjoy being served way more than serving. This is especially true when the people that we are asked to serve are not who we would usually choose to serve. In Jonah’s case not only did Jonah have a dislike for the people but he even had a dislike for the way that God was willing to treat them or, more specifically, not treat them. This lead Jonah to a self-righteous temper tantrum. Jonah took his ball and went home because God wasn’t playing by Jonah’s rules. This man that was once willing to go hundreds of miles out of his way to serve God became a man that wasn’t willing to go one step out of his way to serve others. In chapter 4 God gives Jonah a three-step lesson on how to be a God-honoring servant of others. Let’s listen in.

Jonah – Love Others

Thomas a' Kempis, a late 14th century writer/theologian once wrote, “Whoever loves much, does much.” At the beginning of this account Jonah had an extremely strong desire to not love God. He tried to do his best to hinder God from even thinking of using him in this regard. In the middle of the sea God put him in the stomach of the great fish and did some delicate and powerful spiritual surgery on Jonah’s heart. Jonah walks out of the situation with most likely a rancid smell but a fresh start. Now it is time for Jonah to do what God was and is calling him to do, ‘love the Ninevites’. Let’s see what God has to teach us about loving others by studying the example of Jonah.

Jonah – Serve God

Last time we talked we left Jonah in the stomach of a big fish. As I mentioned before, that situation was unexpected, uncomfortable, and lengthy. You might wonder, considering all this, how could something good ever come out of being trapped in the bowels of a smelly, hot, slim infested fish?! That’s a great question and as we go on in our series you will see that this was a perfect stage for God to do some open-heart surgery on. Jonah might have entered the fish a rebellious denier of God but he came out an obedient servant. Let’s climb into the fish with Jonah for a while and let God work on our hearts.

Jonah – Love God

What does loving God look like? In a world where the definition of love has seemed to be molded under some kind of relativistic structure this is a hard question for many to answer. Here at Manzanita Baptist Church we have adopted a mission statement that says we will “say YES! to loving God, loving others, serving God, and serving others.” Jonah gives us some great insight into all four of these elements. In this sermon we will focus on loving God and through the failure of Jonah in doing this my prayer is that we will be challenged to ask the question, ‘Am I loving God in my life or am I pulling a Jonah?’. What thing(s) do you and I have to stop fighting Him on and start surrendering to Him in?