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May 2013

A Mother’s Blessing

The Gospel of Mark – “I See,” says the Blind Man

American Christianity is woefully negligent in hearing the truth, seeing the truth, believing the truth and preaching the truth. We have our ears wide open and are as deaf as stones. We have our eyes wide open and are as blind as bats. Jesus said, many religionists, Pharisees are like the blind leading the blind. In Mark 8:22-33 Jesus goes out of His way to heal the blind man and then proceeds to speak to His disciples of what they heard and saw, in Jesus, and who they said He was. Pastor Pete shares insights into this passage with three main points of consideration: 1.) “I SEE,” said the blind man: the Natural man who needs a second touch. (8:22-26) 2.) “I’m BLIND!,” said the seeing men: The Spiritual man who needs a spiritual touch. (8:27-29a) 3.) “I See and am Blind, “ said the seeing man: the Carnal man who needs an eternal touch. (8:29b-33) Listen for LIFE!

April 2013

The Gospel of Mark – Why Christians Forget to Remember

Why does it seem like, as believers, we have such a hard time remembering not to forget? We forget the goodness of God, the grace of God, the mercy of God the good news of the gospel of God. We are so consumed with ourselves we forget to remember the needs of others around us who desperately need the message of hope and salvation. Pastor Pete opens Mark’s gospel to chapter 8:1-21 and the second account of the feeding of the four thousand and how quickly the disciples forgot the work of their Lord in the feeding of the five thousand. This is the tension of believing: remembering not to forget all that God has done in the past, is doing in the present and promises to accomplish in the future. Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – Standing Between; Standing Beside

Can you say of God, in your own life and in the life of others, as the disciples and multitude did in Mark 7:37, “He has done all things well?” Religion by definition silences the lambs, chokes out joy, kills hope and destroys freedom of expression and spontaneous faith. In Pastor Pete’s message, from Mark 7:24-37, we see the Lord Jesus Christ, freeing those possessed from the bondage of the enemy and making the deaf to hear and the mute be able to speak. As believers we have a unique opportunity to hear God and speak for God, standing between and standing beside others before God. When was the last time God used you to bring others to Christ and to encourage others in Christ? Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – The Problem With Religion

Have you ever entertained the question, “What if we’re wrong? So many religions, faiths, beliefs, which one is right, what if they are all right? What if all roads really do lead to Rome / Heaven?” Pastor Pete will carefully unwrap the passage from our Lord’s encounter and confrontation with the religious leaders of His day in Mark’s gospel chapter 7:1-23. From our Lord’s exposure with the religionists, Scribes and Pharisees, He gives the final word on faith, religion and the belief systems of men and of God. Clarity will rise as we seek to understand, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the “Illuminator”, how we can know for sure what is true and false faith. Is there only one road to God, and if so how can one find it and begin to walk on it in confidence? Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – How To Walk On Water

One of the most famous stories in all of the New Testament was of Jesus and Peter walking on the rough Galilean Seas. Why do you think this amazing account wasn’t mentioned in the Apostle Peter’s account in Mark’s Gospel? Pastor Pete will share eight simple principles for how to walk on water in our day to day faith: Show up for your next appointment with the Master. Be aware of the presence of the Master in your current surroundings. Watch for the Master’s approach and do not let Him pass by. Don’t be alarmed at the Master’s power. Don’t be afraid to step out of the boat to walk on water. Take comfort in the assurance of the Master’s presence in your boat. Be amazed and at rest in the Master’s calming influence over troubled seas. And lastly, set your anchor in no one or in anything but the Master Himself. Listen for LIFE!

March 2013

E A S T E R 2013

The zenith of the Christian faith is wrapped up in swaddling cloths, lying in a humble manger, destined to die a cruel death on a humble cross. From the cradle to the cross Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. The cross is where heaven and earth met to deal once for all with the problem of man’s sin. Jesus took upon Himself the full wrath of God for the sin of man. God’s anger was propitiated (satisfied). The full payment for sin was paid to the Father in the death of the Son. This Resurrection Sunday we will be led from the cradle to the cross to the crown. We will see Jesus the Baby, Jesus the Child, Jesus the Man, Jesus the Savior, Jesus the Risen Lord. Come, Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – The Lord’s Deli

Our Lord is Creator of heaven and earth and it is by His hand we are created and sustained. Nothing is ever wasted in God’s economy. Imagine the disciples angst when the day was far spent, they were weary, tired maybe even a bit annoyed with the crowds that hadn’t prepared for their own basic necessities. Their appeal to the Lord was to send the multitudes away to dine out. Jesus solution was for them to dine in. All they had at their disposal were five loaves and two scrawny fish. Listen for LIFE as Pastor Pete shares the amazing story of the LORD’S Deli: A place with great ambience, great value, great customer service, great investment opportunities, a great place to hang out with great owners and last but not least, Great FOOD!

The Gospel of Mark – The Murder of John the Baptist

Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest of all the Prophets and yet here we are in Mark 6:14-29 with John the Baptist giving his life in a martyrs death, losing his head, for the sake of truth and the Gospel. What will faithfulness to the mission of the gospel look like? It may cost us our very lives. Have you ever considered what our attitude should be when we are misunderstood, mistreated or even murdered? When our name, reputation or even death is put on the line for the sake of the Gospel many of us give a second thought as to the degree of our commitment. John was all in as was Jesus. John, like most of the New Testament church fathers were abandoned to Christ. God expects nothing less from any one of us. Pastor Pete brings this message on how to finish strong no matter the issues on the journey or the situation God allows to pass from His hand into ours. It is all good, meant for God’s glory and our good. (Romans 8:28) Listen for LIFE!

Releasing the Past, Focusing Toward the Future, Embracing Our Calling

Rev. Dennis Ahern provides pastoral care for those serving in distant, difficult, and sometimes dangerous locations. Dennis serves the church by shepherding ministry families during times of need, fostering the spiritual health necessary for the growth of both worker and work. Since 1992, Dennis has focused a portion of his ministry serving those impacted by trauma. His mission statement includes “the development of trusted relationships during times of crisis, speaking words of grace, hope, and truth in submission to God’s redemptive purposes.” Dennis and Denise Ahern’s journey with WorldVenture began in 1979 when they were appointed to serve in Hong Kong. After studying Mandarin in Taiwan and spending a year in Hong Kong, the Aherns eventually settled in Macau to work with new immigrants from China. They then moved to the Philippines in 1992 where they taught for two years on the faculty of Faith Academy, a school established to provide education for missionary children. Dennis taught high school Bible, but eventually became the school’s pastoral counselor. He helped missionary families face the challenges of disorientation due to separation from family and friends, loneliness, and cross-cultural stress. In September 1995, the Aherns returned to the States so Dennis could become WorldVenture’s Southwest area director. As director, he assisted cross-cultural workers and coached local churches to take the gospel from their neighborhoods to the nations. Dennis now serves as pastoral counselor with WorldVenture's Paraclete Centre. Dennis and Denise have been married for 38 years. They are the parents of four children, all raised in Asia. They are also grandparents to seven granddaughters. Dennis enjoys chess, fly fishing, and taking pastors to lunch at Chinese restaurants. He also serves as a volunteer clergy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.