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January 2012

The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness Part Nine: Forgiven and Forgiveness 101 – The Solution

The Tragic Consequences of an Unforgiving Heart Genesis 43:1-48:22 Sermon Notes

December 2011

The Amazing Power of True Forgivenss Part Eight: Forgiven and Forgiveness 101

The Problem Genesis 46:1-48:22 Sermon Notes

The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness Part Seven B: Taking in the BIG Picture

  Taking in the BIG Picture (A Father's Legacy From Forgiveness) Genesis 46:1- 48:22 Sermon Notes Same as last week.

The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness Part Seven: Taking In the Big Picture

Taking in the BIG Picture (A Father's Legacy From Forgiveness) Genesis 46:1- 48:22 Sermon Notes

November 2011

Part Six: The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness – What True and Authentic Forgiveness Looks Like: Celebration/Illustration

Pastor Pete will help us discover the amazing power of true and authentic forgiveness as we move from confrontation to confession; from confession to confirmation and compassion; from compassion to celebration and illustration of what God has done through your forgiving and being forgiven.

I Say “Yes, Lord!” Yes to the Extravagance of Christ

In this message Pastor Pete wraps up the YES LORD stewardship series with a look at the extravagance of Christ Himself who gave Himself completely for us in pointing all of creation to the glory and majesty of God Himself. A comparison is given between the rich young ruler and the widow who gave all she had. Both, most likely were lost. One withheld all he had and was bankrupt spiritually the other gave all she had and most likely was also bankrupt spiritually. Listen to the tragedy of wasting your life when we have the privilege and opportunity to invest our lives for eternity. We need to say, NO to the poverty of riches and say YES to the riches of poverty. Scriptural support is taken from Mark’s gospel chapter 10:17-13:4.

I Say “Yes, Lord!” Yes to the MIssion of Christ

In 2 Corinthians chapters 8 and 9, Paul gives clear principles of being generous towards God. Paul lets believers in Christ know that giving back to God involves the following factors: Giving is sometimes sacrificial or inconvenient, certainly a privilege and responsibility, and always a blessing or benefit. Jesus led the way in showing a life of sacrifice and expects His followers to do the same, and sometimes even giving when it hurts. Giving back to the Lord is a true privilege because when you think about it, we get to give back to God, and it is a responsibility because ministries and advancing God’s kingdom cost money. When we give, God truly blesses our hearts here on earth with the joy of giving, and he rewards us eternally with heavenly rewards.

I Say “Yes Lord!” Yes to the Joy of Christ

October 2011

I Say “Yes, Lord!” Yes to the Passion of Christ

What does your passion drive you to do? I know that this is a very broad question that is usually hard for us to answer without some kind of context around it but this sermon is going to confront this possible life altering truth that we can see in the life of Jesus. Pastor Aaron will develop the reasoning that we can see the passion of Christ through the compassion that He freely poured out on the people around Him. There are four different kinds of people that we are going to meet in Matthew 9. In studying these dear, broken lives we might not only come face to face with the needs of our friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc., but God might even develop a passionate life of compassion in us. In doing so, we will say ‘YES!’ to Christ’s passion.

I Say “Yes, Lord!” Yes, to the MIND of Christ

As human beings, we often find it very difficult to be subservient to others; this is because our egos and pride get in the way. In Philippians 2, we are shown Christ’s kenosis, or emptying of Himself, where Jesus not only became a slave of God but also a slave of sinners! In this lesson, we will explore the “mind of Christ” as it is revealed in the Bible and how Jesus provides Christians a perfect model to become faithful, obedient and serving stewards.