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May 2012

The Realities of Motherhood

Being a mother is not for the faint of heart. It is a high calling. It is a full-time job (on top of all the other non-mothering responsibilities). There are many realities that a mother undertakes that are often underappreciated or even unknown. This week’s message will discuss some of those realities. The first part of the message will deal with some of the general aspects of motherhood. The second half of the message will deal with some of the things that God expects of a mother, and what God expects of children in how they are to respond to their mother. Children of all ages will be encouraged to honor their mothers, and husbands will be charged to encourage their wives as mothers of their children.

The Gospel of Mark – One Tempted in the Wilderness Part Two

This week’s sermon covers the believer’s struggle with sin and temptation and the spiritual arsenal God gives us in His Word and through His Spirit. It is impossible to live the victorious Christian life apart from those two ingredients. Our wrestling against the world, the flesh and the Devil is not with fleshly, temporal means but with the spiritual armor and tools of the Spirit. This is not meant to be an exhaustive study on spiritual warfare but an overview of our options as believers from II Corinthians 10:3-9 and Ephesians 6:10-20.

April 2012

The Gospel of Mark – One Tempted in the Wilderness

This message covers the temptation of Christ in the wilderness in Mark 1:12,13 with the parallel accounts in Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13. Pastor Pete covers six practical principles of our Lord’s temptation and our temptations as well. Spiritual warfare is real and Satan and his demons stand ready to see believers fall and fail under a constant flood of temptation. His objective is to ruin the believer whereas God allows the temptations in our lives to build in us character and strength as believers. In this message you will hear: The timing, power source, place, purpose, Tempter, and lastly, the testimony that comes from our temptations. ________________________________________

The Gospel of Mark – One Obedient in the Wilderness

This week’s message on Mark 1:1-11 speaks to the obedience of Christ. Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to submit Himself to John’s baptism of repentance? Wasn’t Christ perfect, sinless? What then could possibly be the reason for Christ’s insistence on being baptized by John in the wilderness? This was Christ’s first public act that had in attendance all three Persons of the trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This message gives fascinating insight into the mind of Christ and His expectation for each one of us as His followers / disciples.

The Gospel of Mark – One Crying in the Wilderness

In Mark’s Gospel chapter one, verses one through eight, Pastor Pete shares the story of the opening pages of Mark. An introduction to the One Crying In The Wilderness: John the Baptist. The Herald of the New KING! What was John’s ministry and why did Christ Himself refer to John the Baptist as the greatest of all the prophets? In this message you will hear: the best news ever, (1:1a) the best KING ever, (1:1b) the best promise ever, (1:2,3) the best prophet ever, (1:4) the best message ever, (1:5-7a) the best place and job ever, (1:7b) and lastly, the best birthday ever! (1:8). The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Gospel of Repentance that leads to salvation.

Easter Sunday – What About the Resurrection?

What about the resurrection? Not only is this a good question to ask regarding our faith but it is an essential question. This is a question that the church in Corinth found themselves asking and failing to adequately answer during the time of Paul’s letter to them. To deny the future resurrection of the saints is to bring irreparable damage to the gospel, the present work, victory and reign of Christ, and the future hope of the summing up of all things under God the Father. In Christ’ we have victory and hope. Without the resurrection we have nothing.

Palm Sunday – Last Call for Salvation

God is not a God of second chances. Yes, you read it right: God is not a God of second chances. He is a God of third, fourth, fifth, and numerous chances. He is also a God of last chances. The account of the thief on the cross is one of the most amazing stories of the grace and mercy of God. The thief on the cross was running out of chances to be saved by Christ. He had one last chance and took it. Pastor Scott will preach a message entitled Last Call for Salvation this Palm Sunday.

March 2012

An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark – Part Five

Pastor Pete begins Mark in chapter one verse one introducing the author: John Mark, his background, his mark on the early church, the key verse and outline for the book, the time of writing, the style and the theme of the book. Why is Jesus Christ seen, in the Gospel according to Mark, as the Servant King and what is the application of the word “Servant” for us today?

An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark – Part Four

Pastor Pete shares the meaning of the term, “Gospel.” The subject and meaning of our redemption is carefully explained in what was purchased, to whom was the price paid, who paid the price, who stands to benefit from redemption and who stands to suffer the most from our redemption? Why four gospels? The distinctive character of each gospel writer and their audience in the first century to the present time, Christ is presented as the theme of our Bibles from the Old to the New Testaments

An Introduction to the Gospel of Mark – Part Three

Pastor Pete shares from selected Scriptures what the Word of God is good for and how we can open its pages to find instruction for practical application for our lives. A presentation of the reason for the four gospels is given as well as a definition of the gospel itself. The message presents John Mark as the writer of the Gospel of Mark in his name, his background, his training, and his mark on the New Testament church. In this lesson Pastor shares the time, style, theme, outline and scope of Mark’s Gospel as well as the Person of Jesus Christ as the primary subject matter within its pages