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July 2016

Abraham’s (My) Righteousness – Part Three

The Apostle Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, instructed the church then and the church now on not only our utter depravity but also the hope of justification by faith through the finished work of Jesus Christ who saved us from our sin and an eternity in hell. Using Abraham as his illustration of how the process of salvation takes place: 1. Abraham was justified by faith not by works. Romans 4:1-8; 2. Abraham was justified by grace not by the law. Romans 4:9-17; and, 3. Abraham was justified by hope not by unbelief. Romans 4:18-25. What can the unbeliever and believer hope in? A Faith that in Confusion: Thinks, A Faith that in Hope: Believes. A Faith that in Weakness Trusts, A Faith that in condemnation: Justifies and Saves. Pastor Pete prays the Holy Spirit will breathe on this message and upon your heart as we bring it home. Listen for LIFE!

What Is Spiritual Growth?

This message discusses a few key points that are important for the Christian to grow spiritually; it also briefly mentions what spiritual growth is not. In a point by point sermon, is is made clear that spiritual growth is not just what a Christian does or knows but depends upon a loving, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and by walking worthy of the calling Christians have received.

June 2016

The Moral Minority

Psalm 12:1-8 is a Psalm (Song) of David concerned with the state of the state of Israel and of society as a whole. Not unlike the situation today in America, David saw the wickedness of his own heart as well as those living in society all around him. What do you do when you witness a nation crumble and self-destruct? In this week's message Pastor Pete speaks on the subject of "The Moral Minority:" (How to Call a Wicked Nation Back to God) David answers the three questions in this Psalm: 1.) Where do we start? 2.) What must we do? and, 3.) How do we live? Does America have a prayer? What will become of us as a nation if things don't change soon? "America, Bless God!" Let's bring it home as we listen for LIFE!

The Heart of a Godly Father

On this Father's Day 2016 we need to collectively revisit the role and necessary place of the Father in the Christian home. Unfortunately, many men have lost their motivation because the church and well meaning wives and mother's have taken their responsibility from the home. If the church and women insist on taking over the man's role too many men will gladly let them and step away from their God given responsibilities and mantle of authority. Granted many men are to blame for abandoning their wives and children substituting their jobs, sports and many other meaningless distractions for their families. We need to give men back their motivation to step back in to their God given role as the leaders and Christian educator's of their homes and families. Pastor Pete unwraps I Thessalonians 2:1-20 1.) A Father's Motivation. 2:1-6; 2.) A Father's Inspiration. 2:7-11; 3.) A Father's Expectation. 2:12-20. Let's bring it back home as we listen for life!

If The Foundations Are Destroyed

What happens if the foundations are destroyed? In a house? in a marriage? In a church or business? In a nation? Someone said, "It is in man's extremities that we discover God's sufficiencies." What a comfort to know that in unsettling times even when the foundations of our faith, family and country are being threatened, compromised and even destroyed our confidence can remain steadfast and secure in Christ and His kingdom principles. We look to Psalm 11:1-7 to discover David's (Our) Trust, David's (Our) Temptation and ultimately, David's (Our) Triumph. Let's bring it home as we listen for life!

God’s Inevitable Triumph Over Evil

Psalm 9: and 10: historically belong together as one acronym of the Hebrew alphabet. In Psalm 10: we see the theme continued of the state of man and the desperate need we all have for God's righteous and just intervention. Does God hide, does He care, will He remember the weak and reject the wicked? With David we move in our emotional response to the state of our Nation and world with: 1.) David's Perplexity / Our Perplexity. (Psalm 10:1-11); 2.) David's Plea / Our Plea. (Psalm 10:12-15); 3.) David's Praise / Our Praise. (Psalm 10:16-18). Let's Bring It Home as we Listen for Life!

May 2016

Praise for Victory Over Enemies!

For Memorial Day 2016 Pastor Pete shares from Psalm 9:1-20 1.) David's Praise / Freedom's Praise. (Psalm 9:1, 2); 2.) David's Proclamation / Freedom's Proclamation. (Psalm 9:3-12); 3.) David's Petition / Freedom's Petition. (Psalm 9:13-18); and 4.) David's Passion / Liberty's Passion. (Psalm 9:19, 20). Seeing our nation crumble morally, physically, politically and in every other measurable way we understand that only God can turn our nation around. Even in the midst of America's moral landslide we can take hope in the God of David. God will one day set all that is wrong right. He will defeat His enemies, He will give direction to the world, He will defend the oppressed and as a result He alone deserves our praise. We do have something to sing about as we give thought to the High King of Heaven and the Justice and Righteous rule He will one day guarantee. Until then we must persevere and bring the truth home as we Listen for LIFE!

Only Our God is Great!

We hear much today of world religions proclaiming their God as great and greater than the god's of other world religions. Islam cries out possibly millions of times daily, "Allahu Akbar"- "Allah is the Greatest!" Is the god of Islam the God of Christians? There can be only One God and One Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus. (I Timothy 2:5) In this week's sermon from Psalm 8: Pastor Pete opens the Scriptures to proclaim from King David the Psalmist: "Only Our God is Great!" (God's Glory and Man's Dominion) - 1. God's Splendor Over All. Psalm 8:1; 2. God's Strength Over All. Psalm 8:2; 3. God's Sovereignty Over All. Psalm 8:3-8 and 4. God's Supremacy Over All. Psalm 8:9. Bring it Home! Listen for Life.

“A Heart Cry For Divine Justice” Part Two

Have you ever been unjustly accused or charged with a crime? You most likely felt a little like King David must have felt when a host of enemies surrounded his life and throne. Injustice is something we all have to deal with and in fact if we call ourselves believers we will have more than our fair share of conflict. Where is God in all of this! What did King David cry out to the Lord for when facing trials and unfounded accusations on his life and character? David's heart cry included four appeals to God: 1.) Save Me! (7:1, 2); 2.) Search Me! (7:3-5); 3.) Support Me! (7:6-9) and 4.) Shield Me! (7:10-17) Where and to whom will you go and what will you do when falsely and unjustly accused? Listen for Life!

Be Imitators of God