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April 2018

The Sufficiency of Scripture

Believing that the Bible is the true Word of God is not enough, we also need to believe it is sufficient for all.  The Word tells us how God wants to be worshiped.  God is worshiped when we preach the Bible.  God is worshiped when we read our Bibles.  God is worshiped when we pray.  God is worshiped when we give our money.  God is also worshiped through song and music.  And God is worshiped through communion and baptism.   The greatest way to worship God is through obedience,

01928 The Lord is My Shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT – Psalm 23:1b Part Two

In this second installment of Psalm 23:1 we see ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT.” Some translators translate this thought as, “I shall not be in want.” Truly, one of the greatest of all sins is the dissatisfaction with who we are, with where we are, with what we have. The original sin in the garden of Eden essentially boiled down to the sin of coveting what Adam and Eve could not have, the forbidden fruit became their

Lesson Three – Theology 101 – The Sovereignty, Providence and Decrees of God – 2018

Lesson Three of Theology Proper 101 – 2018. In this class Pastor Peter will lead the class in a discussion of the doctrines of God’s sovereignty, Providence and Decrees. The subject of election and the TULIP of Calvinistic Doctrine will be discussed. This is a heady, challenging class discussion that requires faith and a full confidence in God’s goodness and character as the High and Holy King of Heaven.

01927 The LORD is My Shepherd; I Shall Not Want – Psalm 23:1

It doesn’t take too long for any of us to realize the foolishness of our empty pursuits. Most of us squander vast portions of our lives in pursuing all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. Psalm 23: is a powerful tool of the Holy Spirit to remind us of Who and What we are accountable to. From Who I am to follow to What I am to follow. Verse one of this amazing psalm speaks to these two major life questions: Who I am to What I will become. Bring it Home, Take it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Lesson Two: Theology 101 – 2018 – The Names of God

We will complete Lesson One on the existence, essence and nature of God and move in to Lesson Two of the 2018 Theology 101 Theology Proper: The Names of God.

Theology 101 The Person-hood of God

Week One: Lesson One of Theology – The Person-hood of God. In this class we will discuss God’s existence, knowability, essence, attributes, nature, trinity and triunity.

“April Fool’s” – (Fools and those who follow them) Selected Scriptures

On this Easter / Resurrection Sunday 2018 this Holy Day falls on an unlikely day of the year, April Fool’s Day. While it is indeed the orthodox, high holy day of the Christian Church it falls on a day reserved for pranks, jokes and laughter. This year’s Easter message will speak to the fool from God’s as well as the World’s perspectives. From God’s perspective the fool is one who willingly sacrifices everything for temporal pleasure, in whatever form it might take. Gaining the world; h

March 2018

NT0667 Is There Unrighteousness with God? (The Doctrine of Election Rectified) Romans 9:14-24

Romans 9:14-24 speaks to the questions Paul’s readers had and still have regarding the fairness questions we all struggle with. Is God fair? Does He have to be, especially speaking to our idea of what is fair and what is not? Paul answers seven questions in this section of Scripture that should lay to rest once and for all the issues the creation might have with their Creator. What shall we say then? At the end of the day we need to let our objections and questions rest in the goodness and impeccable, flawless character of God Himself in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Lesson Four Bibliology – A Question of Integrity

In this last installment of Bibliology we seek to educate the student with how to choose a reliable Bible version. We will look at how the Bible was copied down through the centuries. We will explain the difference between a word for word translation and a dynamic equivalence interpretation. Pastor Pete will give his recommendation for a basic Bible study library where the student can learn for himself, herself the truths of holy Scripture.

“What Difference Does It Make? The Doctrine of Election Clarified

We’ve all been quoted as having said these words: “What Difference Does it Make?” This is the title for this week’s message in the book of Romans 9:6-13. We embark upon a dangerous and treacherous journey of seeking to understand and comprehend the mind and heart of God when it comes to the subject of salvation. Where heretical teachings have risen is often around the subject of God’s will in choosing some to salvation, we