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April 2015

Good News in a Bad News World

Part One:  The Promise of the Gospel
Romans 1:1-7

Paul’s Past and Present Passion

Philippians 3:1-11

Elder Board Q & A

The Greatest F.E.A.T. In History

March 2015

A Shield in Times of Trouble – Part Two

Victory in the Face of Defeat
II Samuel 15-16; Psalm 3

A Shield in Times of Trouble

Victory in the Face of Defeat
11 Samuel 15-16; Psalm 3:

The Beasts of the Field Give Glory to God

Isaiah 43:20

The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord


The Coronation of the Lord’s Anointed
Psalm 2

February 2015

ROMANS: A Peek Inside the Door Part Two

An Overview of the Apostle Paul’s Life