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April 2014

Easter – In Christ Alone

2014 Easter Service

In Christ Alone

The Power of the Christian’s Gospel

The Passover Prepared and Celebrated

The Ordinance of Communion Explained

Mark 14:12-25

Your Future Itinerary as a Christian

Journey into Discipleship

We want to look at real or true discipleship!

March 2014




The Gospel of Mark – A Question of How to Betray Jesus

(The Anatomy of a Betrayer)
Mark 14:10,11;

Harmony: Matthew 26:14-16; Luke 22:3-6

The Gospel of Mark – A Question on How to Waste Your Life

The Anointing of Jesus for Burial

Mark 14:3-9

Harmony:  Matthew 26:6-13; John 12:2-8

From the Heart

Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs

Noah’s Ark

Public Education Menticide – The Systematic Underminig of Faith and Values