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October 2014

Are You Saved?

WHO is the Church – A Spiritual Collective Courage Part Two

The Secret to Living in Confidence – Part Two
The Book of Joshua

September 2014

WHO is the Church? – A Spiritual Collective Courage

The Secret to Living in Confidence
The Book of Joshua

WHO is the Church? – “A Plurality of Godly Men”

 The Secret to Spiritual Growth and Power
II Timothy 1:1-4:22

Trials, Tribulations and Persecution

Blessed Assurance

(The Eternal Security of the Believer in Christ)
1 John 5:9-13

August 2014

The Gospel of Mark – The Current Ministry of Jesus Christ

“The Current Ministry of Jesus Christ”
(The Continuing Story of the Christian Church)
Mark 16:15-20
Harmony: Luke 24:13-48; John 20:1-10

The Gospel of Mark – The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus Christ

(The What, When, Who, Where, Why and How of Sharing the Gospel)
Mark 16:9-15
Harmony: Luke 24:13-48; John 20:1-10

Sharing Ministry From Thailand

Who we are.
What we do.
Who we serve.
What are we doing next.

The Gospel of Mark – “The Mark Dilemma”

An End to Mark’s Gospel?
Mark 16:9-20