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March 2014

From the Heart

Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs

Noah’s Ark

Public Education Menticide – The Systematic Underminig of Faith and Values

February 2014

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of How to Kill Jesus

Solving the Murder Plot to Kill Jesus

Mark 14:1-2

Harmony: Matthew 26:1-5; Luke 22:1-2

The Gospel of Mark – A Question on the Future Part Two

An Exhortation to Watch

Mark 13:1-37

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of the Future

(3)Times of the Signs; (10) Signs of the Times

Mark 13:1-23


The Gospel of Mark – A Question of the Greatest Commandment

The Four Stages Of Life  (click to open image)

January 2014

The Gospel of Mark – A Question on Marriage in the Resurrection


Biblical Ignorance in High Places)

Mark 12:18-27

The Gospel of Mark – A Question of Taxes

In Mark’s Gospel 12:13-17 Pastor Pete shares the story of Christ and His critics. The Pharisees were enemies of the Herodians and yet they partnered up to seek to destroy Jesus. In this passage these two polar opposite groups confront Jesus with the objective of seeing Him fail and fall before the people. They were threatened by Him and needed to destroy Him in the eyes of His followers. Watch Jesus deal with these vipers as they try and catch Him in His words. He in turn turns the tables again on their schemes. What lessons can we learn from Jesus interaction with His enemies? Listen for Life!

Looking Forward, Part Two