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December 2012

The Gospel of Mark – My Name is Legion!

My Name is Legion!

(Receiving Deliverance from the Legion Within)



Used or Used Up?

Used or Used Up?

Acts 7 and various verses

The Gospel of Mark – Peace Be Still

How to Enjoy the Ride in the Storms of LIfe

Mark 4:25-41

Sermon Notes

November 2012

The Gospel of Mark – MUSTARD SEED FAITH

Learning to Listen to the Lord

Mark 4:21-34

Sermon Notes:

The Gospel of Mark – ‘L I S T E N!’ Part Three

A Diagnosis of a True Hearer of the Word

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Mark – L I S T E N! Part Two

The Gospel of Mark – L I S T E N!


(A Diagnosis of a True Hearer of the Word)

Mark 4:1-20; Harmony: Mt. 13:1-23; Lk. 8:4-15

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October 2012

The Gospel of Mark – He Is Out of His Mind?

Legend, Liar, Lunatic or LORD?

Mark 3:20-35

Sermon Notes

Celebrating What God Has Done – Pastor Tim Hagquist

Four Stories of Transformed Lives – Stories of Real Hope

The Gospel of Mark – The Search for Intimacy

The Search for Intimacy

Fan or True Follower of Jesus Christ?

Mark 3:6-19

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