01933 The KING of Glory (When Worship is Right) Psalm 24:1-10

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Sermon Notes

True Biblical, Christ centered worship is something every believer should understand and long to experience on a daily basis. The Psalmist understood his own depravity and the desperate need of humanity to come into God’s holy presence rightly as the High King of Heaven. We need to first recognize God’s power, then we need to see for ourselves, as did David and Isaiah God’s purity and holiness and then we need to realize in a practical, daily, moment by moment basis God’s presence. Is there any doubt that if we had Jesus Christ Himself, in His bodily, resurrected form walking with us throughout our day that our behavior and priorities would take a radical, holy turn? Truthfully, He has, He is and He will always be in us, over us, beside us, behind us and before us. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!