April 2018

The Sufficiency of Scripture

Believing that the Bible is the true Word of God is not enough, we also need to believe it is sufficient for all. The Word tells us how God wants to be worshiped. God is worshiped when we preach the Bible. God is worshiped when we read our Bibles. God is worshiped when we pray. God is worshiped when we give our money. God is also worshiped through song and music. And God is worshiped through communion and baptism. The greatest way to worship God is through obedience,

August 2017

The Sufficiency of Scripture

Most Christians believe the Bible is true, but what about the sufficiency of the Word of God? Sufficiency of Scripture is one of the biggest battles we face today. IS THE BIBLE ENOUGH? Can the Bible answer all the life questions we have. I say yes.

August 2016

The Last Days – Signs of the Times

February 2015

You Must See God

saiah really starts his ministry in chapter 6 of his book. He sees the death of what most scholars consider the last good king of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Then has this great vision of God on His throne in the Temple. Sees his own self as God sees him and exclaims "woe is me. I am undone. Convicted, confessed, converted all in one short sentence. Then this newly consecrated man hears the call of God and answers it...

September 2014

Trials, Tribulations and Persecution

Blessed Assurance

What is eternal life? How do we get eternal life? Can we lose eternal life? God's Word has all the answers. Do you have eternal life? Believe and receive.

July 2014

Our Freedom In Christ

We just celebrated the freedom this country won from the tyranny of the King of England so let's look at our freedom from the tyranny that the king of this world, Satan, tries to hold over us.

April 2014

Journey into Discipleship

Ever wonder what it meant to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ? What does it mean today? Join us as we take a journey into discipleship and see what real or true discipleship looks like.

December 2013

Faith Promise: Unlocking God’s Resources