March 2019

The Only Message

Are we seeing miracles among us? Are we seeing lives removed from darkness and being brought into the light of Jesus Christ with power? Where are the miracles among us? Are we relying on good works, our own efforts, recovery groups, 12 steps, or relying on another gospel that has no power to change the […]

February 2019

An Invitation to the Thirsty – Isaiah 55

Are you longing for your thirst to finally be quenched? Are you tired of spending your time and money on what does not satisfy?? Listen and learn how you can find your thirst quenched and your life filled with joy. Find lasting freedom from that which has dried our mouths and kept us laboring for […]

August 2018

“Cut to the Heart”

Acts Chapter 2

July 2018

Apart From Me You Can Do Nothing

John 15:1-5

April 2018

Jesus’ Death Defeats Satan

Hebrews 2:14-15

February 2018

“Jesus, Our Living Hope”

1 Peter 1:1-9

January 2018

“Saved For Intimacy”

Ephesians 5:25-33   Intimacy between a husband and his wife culminated in their “one flesh” sexual union is but a reflection of the intimacy between Christ and His bride, the church. Jesus Christ gave Himself as (the perfect Lamb of God) to present His bride to Himself without spot or wrinkle and in all her […]

November 2017

“At His Feet”

Have you sat at the foot of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to just drink in all He has for you? Have you realized the depth of your sin and the depth of His love and grace for you? This woman (a sinner) sets an example for us to follow in her love for […]

August 2017

Let the Love of Christ Dwell in You Richly

Since we have been raised with Christ, we must set our minds on things above. Loving one another from the heart. Forgiving as the Lord has forgiven us. We are all part of His body, knit together by the love Jesus Christ openly displayed when He stretched out His arms on the cross.

Life Through the Gospel

In who or what are we believing? It is the gospel that brings life to our lifeless, sinful flesh. Deception and captivity come from looking for freedom in things that have an appearance of wisdom, but can not and will not, bring about a change of heart, a change of direction or make on alive to serve Christ. Only the gospel can achieve this!