May 2019

NT0684 Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts – Unleashing the Power of the Gospel -Part Two: Romans 12:3-9

Part Two of Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts (Unleashing the Power of the Gospel) Romans 12:3-9. In this power point presentation we will discover the spiritual gifts listed in the Romans 12: passage. The gift of Prophecy / Discernment, the Gift of Helps / Ministry or Serving, the gift of Teaching, the gift of Giving, the […]

March 2019

NT0683 Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts (Unleashing the Power of the Gospel) Part One: Romans 12:3-9

NT0683 “Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts” (Unleashing the Power of the Gospel) Part One: Romans 12:3-9 In this message Pastor Pete unpacks the first of two messages on the gifts of the Spirit. We will limit our teaching to the gifts mentioned only in this passage. The four lists of gifts can be found in Romans […]

NT06-82 Thinking About Thinking – Romans 12:3-5

NT06-82 Pastor Pete continues in his series on the Book of Romans by looking at the Apostle Paul’s admonition to the church in Rome and to us today to give serious thought to what we think about, who we think about. The power of the gospel (Romans 1:16) is Christ Alone. When we are transformed […]

January 2019

NT06-81 The Believer’s Supreme Act of Worship / Service – Part 4: Romans 12:2

NT0681 When will we GROW UP? In this fourth message on Romans 12:1,2 we discover the final piece of the puzzle in discerning God’s good and acceptable and perfect will of God for all of us as Born-Again believers. We need to start as babies, desiring the sincere milk of the Word. As we grow […]

NT06-80 The Believer’s Supreme Act of Worship / Service – Part 3: Romans 12:2

In this third installment, on Romans 12:1,2, Pastor Pete teaches on what it means to be a living sacrifice and to have a transformed mind in Christ. How does a believer renew his or her mind? We already know what it means to be conformed to this world but we desperately need help to know […]

NT06-79 The Believers Supreme Act of Worship / Service – Part 2: Romans 12:1

In Part Two of Romans 12:1 we continue to look at the command to offer our bodies as living sacrifices. Why does this seem to be such an impossible request for the believer? The simplicity of the command is startling and will be life transforming once we get it soundly and firmly planted in our […]

NT06-78 The Believers Supreme Act of Worship / Service – Part 1: Romans 12:1

Pastor Pete introduces the last section in this great book of Romans, chapters 12-16. In chapter 12: verses 1 and 2 we are introduced to three great questions that is the practical application of everything we’ve seen, heard and been taught in Romans chapters 1:-11: 1.) What are we to offer God? Our Bodies. 2.) […]

November 2018

NT06-77 ‘DOXOLOGY’ Romans 11:33-36

NT06-77 “DOXOLOGY” (Right Thinking of God = Right Living Before God) Romans 11:33-36. Pastor Pete will unpack these powerful verses in Romans as a way to remind all of us the incredible importance of a correct hermeneutic and theology of Who God is and as a result how then we should live. Bring it Home […]

NT06-76 Has God Rejected Israel? Romans 11:1-36

NT06-76 “Has God Rejected Israel?” (Does the Bible Teach Replacement Theology?) Romans 11: Family Bible Church is a “Reformed” Church in that we take the doctrines of the reformation seriously as taught by the Reformers during the days of the Reformation. As a church we do not accept the Presbyterian Reformed position of replacement theology […]

Theology 401-2018 Satanology Lesson 5

In this 5th lesson on Angels, Satan and Demons Pastor Pete speaks to the Personality and Power of Satan. Listen for LIFE!