April 2019

01944 Blessed is the Nation Whose God is the LORD – (Rejoicing in the Gospel of Sovereignty) Psalm 33

Psalm 33: is a Psalm of rejoicing. In a world that desperately needs Good News and a reason to be joyful, this psalm gives hope and a reason for rejoicing. The writer of this psalm is unknown but his outline gives three exhortations: 1.) A Call to Rejoice, verses 1-3; 2.) A Cause to Rejoice, […]

February 2019

01943 Straight Talk About Crooked Living – The Blessedness of True Forgiveness – Part 2: Psalm 32

01943 Straight Talking About Crooked Living – Part 2 – The Blessedness of True Forgiveness) In this second installment on Psalm 32: we examine David’s concealment of his sin, his confession and ultimately his counsel. We look to the Biblical record of the sin and offense itself in II Samuel 11: and 12: Bring it […]

01942 Straight Talk about Crooked Living – The Blessedness of True Forgiveness – Psalm 32:

01942 Straight Talking About Crooked Living (The Blessedness of True Forgiveness) Psalm 32: We will look at David’s cleansing from sin, his concealment of sin, his confession of sin and his counsel about sin. Whatever happened to calling sin for what it is? SIN? Sin comes in different labels but is the same poison in […]

December 2018

019-41 Be of Good Courage – Psalm 31:

In this Psalm of David we will be considering David’s plea, his passion, his petition, his praise and his proclamation. We need not fear whatever life may hand us. We know it has passed through God’s hand of permission first and is all meant for our good and for God’s eternal glory. Bring it Hime […]

019-40 Weeping May Last for a Night but Joy Comes in the Morning – Psalm 30

Psalm 30 is another psalm of King David. Many believe it was on the occasion of the dedication of the Temple. It was also a reminder of God’s providence and grace when He disciplines us. Like David, we need to welcome God’s discipline in our lives for it is one of the proofs of being […]

October 2018

019-38 Rejoicing in Answered Prayer – (Living the Hope of the Gospel) Psalm 28:1-9

019-38 Rejoicing in Answered Prayer (Living the Hope of the Gospel) Psalm 28:1-9 In this Psalm David cries out to His God for deliverance from his enemies gathered all around him. Who of us hasn’t suffered from the frontal or even secret attacks of those who hate us or want to see us fall or […]

019-37 Trust in the Lord and Be Not Afraid – Psalm 27

019-37 In our series of the first book of Psalms chapters 1-41 we rest on Psalm 37: Such a great psalm of comfort for those of us who struggle and are often immobilized with great fear in our lives. There is hope for overcoming our fears by speaking truth to our fears. The Word of […]

August 2018

Refresh, Revive, Renew!

Life can be extremely taxing and wearying.  It feels sometimes like circumstances are trying to pull you down and away from what is healthy, rejuvenating and live giving. We attempt to fix our life's mess in many superficial ways without any real relief from life's troubles.  What do the scriptures have to say about rising from the quicksands of daily drudgery and defeat? In this week's sermon Pastor Pete will preach from Psalm 26: and share three simple truths from this passage that will "Refresh, Revive and Renew" your life, faith and heart.  Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

01935 A Prayer for Instruction – Part Two – Psalm 25:1-22

In Part Two of Psalm 25: Pastor Pete unwraps the heart cry of David as he in turn cries out to God for His forgiveness, instruction, guidance, pardon and request for humility over a heart of pride. Who of us couldn’t benefit from hearing and saying this prayer ourselves? For Goodness Sake, For God’s Sake […]

July 2018

01934 A Prayer for Instruction (God’s Ways in Dark Days) Psalm 25:1-22

01934 A Prayer for Instruction – (God’s Ways in Dark Days) Psalm 25:1-22. Whenever we encounter the worst situations in life many times prayer is one of our last resources. Prayer is communion, fellowship, instruction and guidance from God all rolled into one glorious encounter with God Himself. Like King David, the writer of this […]