April 2018

01928 The Lord is My Shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT – Psalm 23:1b Part Two

01927 The LORD is My Shepherd; I Shall Not Want – Psalm 23:1

February 2018

The Psalm of the Cross of Christ

One of the greatest apologetics for the defense of the reliability of the Scriptures is the subject of prophecy. How could have the psalmist written such a precise description of the suffering Savior hundreds of years before the event? There is only one explanation: the prophetic word of God. We can take great comfort in the realization that God’s Word is true from cover to cover and reliable for faith, life and practice. This Psalm, Psalm 22:1-31 speaks to the suffering Servant and specifically His work on the cross of Calvary. What could possibly be more comforting than knowing God knows our needs before we do and has already provided an answer and the strength needed to go through whatever faces us around the corner. We may not see what lies ahead but God does. He’s already been there and His love, support, strength and provision is ready to be poured out in abundance to all who know Him. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

“Triumph of the King!”

Psalm 20: and 21: go together. David writes this psalm, (Psalm 21:1-13) to the Choir Director of Israel to petition the Lord for His favor and protection in Psalm 20: and then he writes another song to be sung by the nation of God’s provision and grace in giving the nation physical and spiritual victory over their enemies in Psalm 21:. It is sad when God gives victory and His people do not give Him the praise who made it all possible. It’s as if God can’t win with us, even as His people. He rarely gets the praise and thanks He deserves when we experience victories over our enemies, but it seems He always gets blamed for whenever things seem to not go our way. May we never forget where our victories come from and Who made them possible. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

“Trust Not in Chariots”

Whenever we find ourselves up against a battle, we obviously want God’s help and favor. King David was no different. As he anticipated physical conflict with his enemies he also considered the spiritual connection and found himself, with his people, on their knees in petition seeking God’s favor and help. Victory in any battle must proceed from a reservoir of personal intimacy with God. While the battle belongs to the Lord we often do battle with ourselves to get our own hearts right and submissive before the High King of Heaven. What conflict are you facing right now? Is it a battle you are fighting in your own energy and power of the flesh or have you acknowledged that that the battle belongs to the Lord? We must not trust in chariots or horses or in our own might and power, we must place our confidence in God alone for the victory. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

December 2017

“The Mighty Works of God” Part Two

Last message we only got through verse six of Psalm 19: In this Psalm of David we are introduced to God as Creator in His World and this week we are introduced to God as Redeemer in His Word. No one can come to faith with the revelation of creation and the Creator alone, we need to hear and respond in faith to the gospel of Jesus Christ through His eternal Word. In Psalm 19:8-14 the Psalmist unpacks the glory of the Word of God and of its many benefits to the reader and believer. We would do well to heed these great truths and bring it home to our lives as we Listen for LIFE!

November 2017

“The Mighty Works of God”

This Week Pastor Pete will introduce you to a fundamental study in the doctrines of creation, and revelation. These two misunderstood doctrines are the very foundations of our faith and understanding of God and how things are supposed to work. If we get these two doctrines out of their proper Biblical and God centered alignment the fallout will have incalculable consequences. Psalm 19: written by the Psalmist David, speaks to the Creator and the Revelator. Creation clearly proclaims a Creator just as the revelation of the Biblical account and record clearly points to a Savior and an all sufficient sovereign God. The church in America has lost its moorings in large part because of the lost, forsaken and abandoned doctrines of Creation and Revelation. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Fervent Prayers of a Soul Survivor

What do you do when under the gun? Where do you go when under great stress? Who do you turn to when at your wits end? These questions, and many more speak to the inevitable conflicts that come in trying to live our lives well. Whenever we seek to glorify God stuff happens and hits the proverbial fan. Often the difficulties and stresses of life are self-inflicted. We tend to bring much of the stress and turmoil of life upon ourselves. We can hardly play the victim card when our poor choices have taken us down. But when we do our utmost to live life well, giving God glory in all we do, and are still persecuted and brought low what do we do then? The Psalmist: David gives us some refreshing ideas from his own life experience from Psalm 17:1-15 Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

February 2017

Eternal Life for One Who Trusts

How does a person come to faith and experience true assurance of salvation? All of mankind is sure of their own goodness and have a self-righteousness that they expect will usher them into heaven and before the throne of God. The truth is "There is none righteous no not one." (Romans 3:10-18) The message from Psalm 16:1-11 is from the heart of King David and is an appeal to the lost to be found. The irony is that without exception all who are lost think they are already found and in fact not lost at all! How do you rescue someone lost if they don't think they are? It is God and God alone who chooses us, calls us, redeems us, forgives and pardons us, justifies and sanctifies and ultimately glorifies us. Unless God opens our eyes and ears to see and hear God's voice none of us will be saved. Pastor Pete teaches this week from Psalm 16: "Eternal Life for One Who Trusts." A Matter of Life and Death! Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!

Characteristics of the Godly

King David knew a little about what true righteousness and holiness looked like. He had just completed giving a concise explanation on what the characteristics of the godless looked like in Psalm 14: and now in Psalm 15: he gives the opposite synopsis on the characteristics of the Godly. In this week's message Pastor Pete teaches on what God inspects and inspects. Two honest questions from a holy God in verse one of Psalm 15: and then five honest answers from holy men and women on what God expects and inspects in verses two through six. Our character, our conversation, our relationships, our business concerns and our personal commitments are all an honest insight into true Christ like holiness. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!