September 2017

Yada, Yada, YADA

In this second installment teaching of the Great Commandment from Matthew 22:23-40 we see the powerful truth of an authentic believer: a living, breathing, loving passion for Christ. The attitude, altitude, fortitude and servitude of a true believer is born out from a loving passion for Christ and a desire for His preeminence and glory to be revealed in our lives. A passionate love for Christ always manifests itself in a true love for others. Love in action towards other believers and other human beings is what the world so desperately needs to see. Too often professing Christians have exuded a lifeless faith and religion. Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE.

“A New Commandment”

Have you lost your joy? What I mean is... have you lost the true sense of who and Who's you are in Christ? Are you going through the motions as a professing believer? This week Pastor Pete will bring the last message in the Ten Commandment series by offering one more eternal truth: A New Commandment - (Moving from lifeless religion to living passion) from Matthew 22:23-40. The Pharisees and Saducees were and still are perfect examples of the imperfect religious mentality and lifestyle. Religion is a never ending misery, "ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." We will compare lifeless religion to the living, passionate, intimate relationship we can have with and in Jesus Christ. Bring it Home as you listen for LIFE!

July 2017

The Ten Commandments – Part Ten

I don’t think anyone would ever nominate Mick Jagger as a great theologian. He is known for one of the most famous rock songs of all time that has this famous lyric: “I can’t get no, satisfaction!” Unfortunately, most people, including Jagger, are still seeking for something and or someone to give them the satisfaction and contentment they so desperately long for. True contentment can only come through the person of Jesus Christ in the redemption only He can bring from sin and hell. God has created us for Himself and only He can give us what we really need and are really looking for. In this last installment of the Ten Commandment series Pastor Pete will use the Old Testament character of Job to illustrate this amazing principle in practice. Godliness with contentment is great gain. 2 Timothy 6:6 Bring it Home as you listen for LIFE!

The Ten Commandments – Part Nine

The Ninth Commandment, “Protecting the Sanctity of a Clean Conscience” in (Exodus 20:16), tells us we are not to bear false witness against our neighbor. Jesus asked the Pharisees the penetrating question of who then is our neighbor? (Luke 10:25-37) Essentially, any lie is a serious contradiction for the believer, for we serve Christ who’s name is “TRUTH.” Satan is a liar and the father of lies. So whenever we lie or slander another we are doing Satan’s work for him. One of Satan’s names, ‘Diabolos,’ is the word for slanderer. As born again believers we are told that the truth of Christ and His Word starts in and from our hearts. When left to ourselves our hearts will lie and deceive us. This is why we must come to the Truth: Christ Himself, and believe the truth of the Bible, submitting our thinking and behavior to the Way, the Truth and the Life. When Christ indwells our lives, our thinking and behavior will show forth a lifestyle of truthfulness and our conscience will bear witness to Christ in us, the Hope of Glory. Shall we Bring it Home as we Listen for LIFE?

The Ten Commandments – Part Eight

Within this Ten Commandment Series we’ve discovered many Biblical principles that God Himself has given to us, written with His own finger on tablets of stone and then on the flesh of our depraved hearts. These laws are not to restrict us but rather to free us to love God and love others and to serve God by serving others. This eighth commandment of stealing really speaks to property rights. Who is the true owner of all we have? When we take what doesn’t belong to us we in fact are working for the enemy who has come to kill, STEAL and destroy. We need to value God’s property as belonging to Him. Whatever God has given to us is on loan from Him and we are to become the best stewards of what in fact belongs to God. He must be given title deed to all we own before it ends up owning us. The Old Testament story of Achan at Ai, in Joshua 7: and 8: will serve to remind us of the subtlety and consequences of this egregious sin and any other for that matter. Let’s Bring it Home as we Listen for LIFE!

The Ten Commandments – Part Seven

Imagine if God told you as a single person to marry a known adulterous for the express purpose of illustrating to the people you live with this adulterous relationship with everyone and anyone other than God Himself? Would you do it? The Prophet Hosea was told to do just that. His life was a caricature of God’s love relationship with His covenant people Israel even when their constant and continuous unfaithfulness to the one true God was forgiven time and time again. The sin of adultery is a grievous sin to God, to our own bodies, to our wife or husband and to the many generations that will come behind us. Sin never affects or infects the guilty party alone. It is a cancer that spreads to all who come into contact with our marriage relationships. The high cost of unfaithfulness pulls down what God Himself is seeking to build up. Marriage is a direct and living picture of Christ’s love relationship to His Church. This week Pastor Pete unwraps Exodus 20:14 and the Book of Hosea in this seventh commandment to expose the truth of man’s wicked heart and give insight into our collective need to protect, at all cost, the sanctity of covenant marriage and the family. Bring it HOME as you listen for LIFE!

“The Ten Commandments” – Part Six

Did you hear the number of murders in Chicago just this last weekend and over the course of this last year? Multiply these senseless deaths with thousands more across our nation. Jesus said that if we thought murderous thoughts in our hearts we already committed the act of murder in God’s sight. All of us are guilty of breaking the law of God, not once or twice but literally thousands of times. What’s the difference between some translations that say, ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and ‘Thou shalt not murder’? Is there a difference and is there ever an excuse for killing? What about the Old Testament and the countless lives taken with the blessing and sanction of God Himself? These are the things we will consider as we bring this sixth commandment home and as we Listen for LIFE!

June 2017

The Ten Commandments – Five Part B

What is the Biblical Blueprint for the sanctity of the human family? In our Ten Commandment study the fifth commandment of giving honor to fathers and mothers implies an acoustical relationship between parents and their children. Parents are to speak for God and children are to listen. The family is under attack today by the world, the flesh and the devil. It is time for the serious believer to stand up and step in to the mantle God has placed on the shoulders of Fathers and Mothers in a team partnership to raise up the next godly generation. Parents are tasked with the evangelism and discipleship of their children for the betterment and health of society. Who we raise will one day either raise the standard of Christ or seek to tear it down. Bring it HOME as you listen for Life!

The Ten Commandments – Five

Marriage and the Family is under attack today. Does anybody question that? Why, some might ask? The answer is very simple, whatever God esteems and values rebellious man does his utmost to undermine and destroy. To understand where God stands on any issue all one need do is find out where fallen and depraved mankind stands and take the opposite view. The first institutions created by God for mankind were marriage and the family unit. This message speaks of what and who we need to give honor too. Respect for parental authority is the very basis and foundation for human civilization and survival. Pastor Pete unwraps the fifth commandment on the protection of the family as God designed it. This Father’s Day message is of the utmost importance for us and for our children for generations to come. Bring it HOME as you listen for LIFE!

The Ten Commandments – Four

In our fourth installment in the Ten Commandment Series, we discover the meaning behind God's instruction for the Sabbath. This commandment is surrounded with controversy and confusion. We know God is not the author of confusion, Satan is. Entire denominations have this commandment as the ultimate acid test for committed Christianity. Is it? What is the Sabbath principle and are we as believers responsible to worship on Saturdays? Bring it home as you listen for LIFE!