April 2018

Theology Proper 101 – 2018 – Lesson Four

When planning for a six month family vacation no one would seriously consider just leaving to an unknown destination without any planning or consideration for the cost or logistics. And yet, most if not a greater portion of all of humanity live their lives with no planning or consideration for the cost of their decisions. […]

Lesson Three – Theology 101 – The Sovereignty, Providence and Decrees of God – 2018

Lesson Three of Theology Proper 101 – 2018. In this class Pastor Peter will lead the class in a discussion of the doctrines of God’s sovereignty, Providence and Decrees. The subject of election and the TULIP of Calvinistic Doctrine will be discussed. This is a heady, challenging class discussion that requires faith and a full […]

Lesson Two: Theology 101 – 2018 – The Names of God

We will complete Lesson One on the existence, essence and nature of God and move in to Lesson Two of the 2018 Theology 101 Theology Proper: The Names of God.

Theology 101 The Person-hood of God

Week One: Lesson One of Theology – The Person-hood of God. In this class we will discuss God’s existence, knowability, essence, attributes, nature, trinity and triunity.