July 2015

GOOD NEWS in a Bad News World: The Power of the Gospel (Part III – C)

As believers we have witnessed the alarming erosion of Christianity in the West. We have witnessed apostasy and the disintegration of the bedrock values that have made this nation great. We hear of more churches closing or in decline than ever before in our nation’s history. We feel as though the church and Christianity has lost its voice, it’s power and influence. We feel that we have become marginalized and deemed irrelevant to our culture. What are we to do? How do we regain what has been lost? How does God restore what the enemy and the locusts have stolen? As the church in America we must faithfully return to the powerful, Spirit filled preaching of the gospel without apology. We must stop apologizing for our faith and we must unleash the truth of God’s holy and powerful Word one word, one verse, one chapter, one book at a time. We must preach the whole counsel of God to anyone who will listen for our God is not intimidated with the news of the disintegration of the evangelical church in the West. He has given us Good News in a bad news world. We have been given the promise of the gospel in Romans 1:1-7; We are called to the gospel in Romans 1:8-15 and we are given the power of the gospel in Romans 1:17,18. Listen for LIFE!

June 2015

God’s Mighty Men

Younger Men, Older Men, Husbands and Fathers are increasingly coming under scrutiny and a falling out of favor in our society today. Even as professing believers we shun any authority over us whatsoever, especially male authority and headship. We are moving into a time of increasing apathy, apostasy, anarchy and lawlessness even within the church of Jesus Christ. The notion of male leadership and headship is anything but politically correct. How does the church address the attack on the family and specifically the role of the man, husband and father? We need to provide a thoroughly Biblical teaching on the role of godly men in our society and within our churches. This week’s message, on Father’s Day, Pastor Pete will address “God’s Mighty Men: How to Live With an A-Men Lifestyle” – Selected Scriptures. We will discuss eight powerful factors designed by God to make a man a mighty warrior for Jesus Christ: 1.) Men live best when they die: A-Men Die to Live. 2.) Men stand best when they kneel: A-Men Pray to Stand. 3.) Men speak best when they listen: A-Men Listen to Speak. 4.) Men work best when they rest: A-Men Work at Rest. 5.) Men lead best when they follow: A-Men Follow Their Leader. 6.) Men fight best when they surrender: A-Men Fight to Surrender. 7.) Men win best when they are willing to lose: A-Men Lose to Win. 8.) Men finish best when they start: A-Men Finish What They Start. Listen for LIFE!

“Hear Me When I Call, O God”

Remembering that many of the Psalms of David are songs to be sung in a choir with stringed instruments we can almost catch the tune here of David’s heart as he laments the heart of God and the hearts of unbelievers. Even people of faith often lose heart. We need to be reminded often of God’s presence and His heart as He pursues us we must in turn pursue Him. Often we give up and give in to unbelief and our light, joy, gladness of heart, peace, sleep and even our safety eludes us. Once again we must come to Him seeking to learn of Him and from Him, calling on Him, agreeing with Him, listening to Him in order to serve and trust Him once again. Our God is altogether trustworthy. God will indeed hear us if we call on Him. He is waiting for us… are we waiting for Him? Listen for Life!

Good News in a Bad World-Part Three

Pastor Pete in his third in a three part series on The Normal Christian Life, from Romans 1:8-14 shares the last five of ten points on the Anatomy of a Normal Christian's Life. What we consider to be normal is in truth the dysfunction of sin and possibly even ignorance in not understanding what God's expectations are for us. The Apostle Paul serves as a great example of what our new normal should look like. While most of us use our sinful human nature as an excuse for our flawed perception of normal we forget that we are in fact new creations in Christ. What God expects and inspects is for us to live supernatural Christian lives not from our will power or won't power but in the full sufficiency of Jesus Christ's life and power lived out in and through us to and for His glory. Listen for LIFE!

May 2015

Good News in a Bad News World: The CALLED to the Gospel

Have you ever wondered or considered what is the normal Christian life? We tend to compare our faith to others around us and we either feel the emotions of shame at not being good enough, as compared to the super Christians around us or we feel a sense of superiority that we at least have our act together as being better than most. What is the standard? Who do we go to so we can get an honest self-evaluation of the truth of the matter? This week’s message is taken from Romans 1:8-15 and the standard bearer for the normal Christian life is none other than the Apostle Paul himself. Lest you or I shrink from that lofty standard we must realize the same Holy Spirit that lived in him lives in us as well. What’s my, our excuse for not being faithful? Of course we are sinners saved by grace, but we must measure truth by God’s Word and His Holy Spirit that lives within us. Imagine what might happen if we were to actually take our lives seriously for the KING in His kingdom work? Listen for LIFE!

GOOD NEWS in a Bad News World

GOOD NEWS in a Bad News World. Pastor Pete continues with the sermon he started last week on the Promise of the Gospel. We will examine Romans 1:1-7, The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes hearts, can be trusted, is full of truth and power, is a free gift for all peoples and brings peace. Listen for LIFE!

April 2015

Good News in a Bad News World

Are you as sick and tired of all the bad news as I am? We live in a bad news world. It seems as if wherever we turn we are accosted with negativity and bad news. We’ve almost become numbed to it. What we all need is a good dose of GOOD NEWS. Here’s some good news for you: Jesus Christ was sent by His Father to bring a gospel message of GOOD NEWS to all who would hear it and receive it by faith! In this fourth message, in the book of Romans, Pastor Pete shares five good news truths about the gospel message of Jesus Christ. It is a great apologetic for the need for sharing the good news of the gospel message and the truth of the Jesus Christ for a sin sick, lost and hopeless world. Listen for life!

Elder Board Q & A

Know God, Know Peace.  No God, No Peace   Romans 5: 1,2

March 2015

A Shield in Times of Trouble – Part Two

Last time Pastor Pete took us into the historical background of Psalm 3: and the coup of King David’s son, Absalom. In this message we will see a shadow of Christ Himself as He rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday knowing the promise of betrayal and yet able to ride triumphantly into a City that would in just one week’s time put Him to death by crucifixion. Sermon Outline: Our complaint, v. 1,2; Our Confession, v. 3,4; Our Conviction, v. 5,6; Our Commitment, v. 7; Our Confidence, v. 8. As we come to this psalm and God plucks at our heart strings, we must pause to “SELAH” and make the necessary adjustments to our hearts and lives. Listen For LIFE!

A Shield in Times of Trouble

Have you ever woke up facing battles not of your own choosing? Conflicts left and right, from work, from family, from friends who’ve deserted and forsaken you, maligned you and even hated you? King David, the Psalmist, woke up one morning with the realization of the horror of his kingdom taken from him through the treachery of his son Absalom. Those loyal to his kingdom and rule had been lured away and their hearts stolen by his son. It doesn’t get more tragic than this! What do we do in the face of such betrayal, trouble and heartache? David pours out his heart, in Psalm chapter 3: before God then and before us as we see him surrounded by his enemies, shielded by his God, sustained by his God, saved by his God and ultimately surrendered to his God. Take comfort in the Word of God for your life today. Listen for Life!