July 2014

The Gospel of Mark – The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

This week’s message will seek to put you into the scene and sandals of the women approaching the empty tomb of Jesus Christ. In Mark 16:1-8 we see the grief of the women as they approach the tomb and then the glory of the angelic announcement of His resurrection. Pastor Pete will pose a number of questions to the hearer of the seeming insurmountable stones and obstacles that tend to keep us from entering into the resurrection story of victory, praise and the glory of Christ. Often our attention is focused backwards, inwards, outwards but rarely upwards. What will it take for us to see and experience for ourselves the power and glory of the cross and the gospel message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Please listen for LIFE!

June 2014

The Gospel of Mark – The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ – Part Two

How to Get, Ready, Set and GO!

The Gospel of Mark – The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ Part One

On Father’s Day 2014 we remember our heavenly Father who visited His Son at Calvary. In this week’s message Pastor Pete will share the story of the cross of Christ in the Cup for the Cross, the Covering below the Cross, the Citation upon the Cross, the Criminals beside the Cross and the Contempt towards the Cross. From Mark 15:22-41 in Part One, “The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ” (When God the Father Visited God the Son at Calvary). Listen for Life!

The Gospel of Mark –

Humble Pie. No one likes to see it, smell it or have to eat it. In last week’s message Pastor Pete made the remark that when we are confronted with darkness we need to “Man Up, Cowboy Up, Buck Up!” While that may be true it doesn’t change the fact that every one of us, when having to face trials and difficulties of our own, it is easier to judge someone else’s attitude in their trials and tribulations then to judge ourselves under similar circumstances. A good slice of humble pie is a necessary treat for each one of us when having to take our own bitter medicine. This week’s message is a continuation of what we began last Sunday. In these eight events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ we see the last three: the Contempt (15:16-20); the Cross Bearer (15:21); and the Crucible (15:22,23). Listen for LIGHT! Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – Trial By Pilate

When darkness comes in like a flood and seems to cover and smother you and all you hold sacred know this: darkness cannot stand in the presence of light. Jesus Christ is the LIGHT of the world. There is no darkness or shadow in Him. The worst of the world, the flesh and the Devil is no match for the blazing presence and essence of Jesus Christ Himself. When will we learn we should not, we cannot be intimidated with the world, our flesh or even our one and only enemy: the Prince of Darkness, the Devil. We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37. In this week’s sermon Pastor Pete shares seven events that preceded the crucifixion of Christ from Mark 15:1-23. Take hope in the Light of Christ no matter how great the darkness. Listen for LIFE!

May 2014

The Gospel of Mark – How To Win When Tried

This week’s message is taken from a side by side account, from all four New Testament Gospels, of the trial of Jesus and of Peter. Yes, Peter was also on trial, he just didn’t realize it until it was too late. This week’s message: “How to Win When Tried” from Mark 14:53-72 Pastor Pete shares seven biblical ways to win when tried, when we are led away and falsely accused, questioned, condemned maybe even emotionally and physically beaten how should we respond? We need to take our cues from the life and example of the Lord Jesus. When we are rightly accused and feel threatened how should we respond? We take our cues from the life of Peter? Listen for Life!

The Gospel of Mark – The KISS of BETRAYAL!

We’ve all experienced one form or another of abandonment and betrayal. The truth is it hurts! It leaves a scar on our past, present and even our futures. Jesus suffered in all points as we yet without sin. He was perfect and yet condemned to die as a common criminal on a cruel cross. In this week’s sermon, from Mark 14:43-52, Pastor Pete unpacks “The KISS of BETRAYAL” (A Moment of Naked Reflection) in the arrest and abandonment of Jesus: The kiss of Judas, the betrayal of Peter, the forsaking of the eleven disciples and even of one young man caught with just a sheet wrapped around his naked body. This is our story, one of shame, regret, sorrow, remorse and hopefully honest repentance. As we take a moment of naked reflection what will we discover of the naked truth about ourselves? Listen for Life!

Mother’s Day – Living in Spiritual Defeat or Spiritual Victory?

What’s a Mother to do? I still remember my Mother shedding tears over me in prayer as I was growing up. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a woman’s, a mother’s prayers! Pastor Pete will share, in this week’s message, a word of encouragement to praying Mom’s. In this message he outlines ten simple prayers that could make the difference in seeing spiritual defeat or spiritual victory in the lives of children and even husbands. The Power Factor of a Woman’s Prayers is a mighty tool in the hands of Almighty God. Listen for Life!

The Gospel of Mark – The AGONY of the CUP

Have you ever met anyone who said their prayer life was adequate? Most of us feel guilty when the subject of prayer is brought up. In fact, if you want to prophecy doom over a scheduled gathering, call a prayer meeting. If “Prayer is the Work” then why are we not working at prayer, believing in prayer? If prayer is so mighty and powerful then why do God’s people shy away from praying? Some polling suggests that the average declared Christian believer prays less than five minutes a week. As bad as that sounds the average Christian Pastor prays on the average of only six minutes a week. In this week’s message Pastor Pete outlines the story of Jesus prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. Title: “The AGONY of the CUP” (The Pleading Prayer Life of Jesus) Mark 14:32-42 In answer to the question why we should pray we discover: 1.) For Goodness Sake! (Mark 14:32); 2. For Jesus Sake! (Mark 14:33-35); 3. For God’s Sake! (Mark 14:36); 4. For Pete’s Sake! (Mark 14:37-40); and 5. For Heaven’s Sake! (Mark 14:41). Listen for Life!

April 2014

The Gospel of Mark – Peter’s Predicted Denial of Jesus

We’ve all done it… gone from Sunday singing and jubilant worship to miserable failure. This week Pastor Pete will be sharing the predicted failure of not only the Apostle Peter but of all the disciples of Christ who insist they would never betray their Lord. When the Shepherd is struck the sheep scatter. It is God the Father Himself who struck the Shepherd. (Mark 14:27b.) The Outline for this message is: 1. From singing to failing. (Mark 14:26,27); 2. From failing to comfort. (Mark 14:28); 3. From comfort to an empty promise. (Mark 14:29); 4. From an empty promise to a sobering prediction. (Mark 14:30); 5. From a sobering prediction to a vehement vow. (Mark 14:31); 6. From a vehement vow to a humbled brokenness. (Mark 14:66-72); 7. From a humbled brokenness to Jubilant Song! (John 21:15-19) We all fail but we are not failures if we simply surrender Lordship to Christ alone. Listen for Life!