August 2012

The Gospel of Mark – Take Up Your Bed and Walk!

This week Pastor Pete unwraps this very special account in the life of Jesus in the healing of the paralytic in Mark 2:1-12. Brought to Jesus by men of faith, lowered through a roof, Jesus touched this man’s paralysis and the man stood and walked. Such brazen vandalism to rip away a roof to get a friend to Jesus for healing! This week we will examine the faith of vandals and vandals of faith. We will answer the questions of who’s who in this Biblical account and discover God’s heart in this miraculous healing. Who’s house, who’s there, who’s preaching, who’s need, who’s faith, who’s forgiven, who’s reason, who’s power, who’s healing and who gets the credit? Listen for LIFE!

July 2012

The Gospel of Mark – Be Cleansed!

This message, from Mark 1:40-45, gives a comprehensive understanding of the disease we are all infected with and how with just a word Jesus can bring healing to our physical as well as our spiritual need. Cleansing is available for all of us if we simply ask for it. We cannot cleanse ourselves. Our sinfulness is rooted in our fallen sin nature that cannot be cleansed or worked off. It is the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all sin. Like a cleaning solvent, Christ’s blood not only cuts the stain of sin causing us to be as white as snow in His sight but it also removes the offense before God as far as the East is from the West. Have you applied the cleansing blood of Christ to your sin condition? What is the great exchange that took place on the cross of Calvary? Find out as you listen for life!

The Gospel of Mark – For This Purpose

Have you ever been weary in the work of the ministry? Many times those who volunteer their time, talents and resources for ministry eagerly sign up but over time with no break, training, support or encouragement give up and give out. Burnout is often cited for the reason why believers choose to not be involved in the work of ministry. Where are the examples of people who grow weary in the work of the ministry but never of the work of ministry? How about the example of Christ? In this message Pastor Pete will share from Mark 1:29-39 one day in the life of Christ and how Christ battled fatigue, burn-out and the myriad never ending expectations of ministry. For those of you who volunteer your time don’t give up or grow weary in doing good, for those of you who for whatever reason have never given of your time, resources and talents in the work of the ministry maybe now would be a great time to sign up. After all, Ephesians 2:10 reminds us, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” How to give Pastor Pete and the office staff of MBC a heart attack: Call us this week and volunteer for ministry. (928-753-2370)

June 2012

The Gospel of Mark – Demons in the Church? Part Two

In this week’s message Pastor Pete gives the second part of the message: Demons in the Church from Mark’s Gospel chapter 1:21-28. (Exposing Cosmic Authorities; Expecting their Defeat) Three questions will be asked and answered: 1.) How do demons distract and disrupt believers in the church? 2.) How does Christ bring deliverance to His church from demonic activity? And lastly, 3.) How should believers and unbelievers alike respond to the work of Christ in His church?

The Gospel of Mark – Demons in the Church?

This week Pastor Pete takes us into Mark 1:21-28 and the encounter Jesus had in the synagogue with a man demon possessed. In this message we will learn how demons distract and disrupt believers in the church, how Christ brings deliverance to His church from demon oppression and even possession and lastly how believers should respond to the work of Christ in His church. Greater is He who is in us than he (Satan and his demons) who are in the world. As believers we have no need to be afraid or intimidated with Satan and his demonic minions. Satan is alive and well doing his utmost to distract and disrupt the influence and power of God even within His church. Beware and be aware of demonic forces even within the church!

May 2012

The Gospel of Mark – Fishers of Men Part Two

In Part Two of Fishers for Men Pastor Pete reviews what was covered in Part One but proceeds with the seven suggested tips from the Pro – Jesus Christ on what questions need to be asked of a potential fisher of men. These seven principles speak to the simplicity of fishing and the complete and utter dependency on the Spirit of God to draw men to Himself through the fallible but redeemed agency of spirit-filled humans. Happy Fishing!

The Gospel of Mark – Fishers of Men

Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant in Mark 1:17, When Jesus said to them, ‘Come after Me, and I will make you become fishers of men?” How are men like fish and how would we catch them if we could? There are thousands of approaches to evangelism and fishing for men, what does the Bible say and how did Jesus do it? Learn the two schools of evangelism taught in this passage and the crash course on effective evangelism: LOOK, HOOK, BOOK and TOOK. Pastor Pete shares seven tips from the fishing pro: Jesus Christ on how He fished for men. Get your line, lures, bait and tackle box and let’s go fishing!

The Gospel of Mark – One Tempted in the Wilderness Part Two

This week’s sermon covers the believer’s struggle with sin and temptation and the spiritual arsenal God gives us in His Word and through His Spirit. It is impossible to live the victorious Christian life apart from those two ingredients. Our wrestling against the world, the flesh and the Devil is not with fleshly, temporal means but with the spiritual armor and tools of the Spirit. This is not meant to be an exhaustive study on spiritual warfare but an overview of our options as believers from II Corinthians 10:3-9 and Ephesians 6:10-20.

April 2012

The Gospel of Mark – One Tempted in the Wilderness

This message covers the temptation of Christ in the wilderness in Mark 1:12,13 with the parallel accounts in Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13. Pastor Pete covers six practical principles of our Lord’s temptation and our temptations as well. Spiritual warfare is real and Satan and his demons stand ready to see believers fall and fail under a constant flood of temptation. His objective is to ruin the believer whereas God allows the temptations in our lives to build in us character and strength as believers. In this message you will hear: The timing, power source, place, purpose, Tempter, and lastly, the testimony that comes from our temptations. ________________________________________

The Gospel of Mark – One Obedient in the Wilderness

This week’s message on Mark 1:1-11 speaks to the obedience of Christ. Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to submit Himself to John’s baptism of repentance? Wasn’t Christ perfect, sinless? What then could possibly be the reason for Christ’s insistence on being baptized by John in the wilderness? This was Christ’s first public act that had in attendance all three Persons of the trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This message gives fascinating insight into the mind of Christ and His expectation for each one of us as His followers / disciples.