December 2011

The Amazing Power of True Forgivenss Part Eight: Forgiven and Forgiveness 101

The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness Part Seven B: Taking in the BIG Picture

The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness Part Seven: Taking In the Big Picture

November 2011

Part Six: The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness – What True and Authentic Forgiveness Looks Like: Celebration/Illustration

Pastor Pete will help us discover the amazing power of true and authentic forgiveness as we move from confrontation to confession; from confession to confirmation and compassion; from compassion to celebration and illustration of what God has done through your forgiving and being forgiven.

I Say “Yes, Lord!” Yes to the Extravagance of Christ

In this message Pastor Pete wraps up the YES LORD stewardship series with a look at the extravagance of Christ Himself who gave Himself completely for us in pointing all of creation to the glory and majesty of God Himself. A comparison is given between the rich young ruler and the widow who gave all she had. Both, most likely were lost. One withheld all he had and was bankrupt spiritually the other gave all she had and most likely was also bankrupt spiritually. Listen to the tragedy of wasting your life when we have the privilege and opportunity to invest our lives for eternity. We need to say, NO to the poverty of riches and say YES to the riches of poverty. Scriptural support is taken from Mark’s gospel chapter 10:17-13:4.

October 2011

I Say “Yes, Lord!” Yes to the Body of Christ

Imagine what might happen to the world and to our community if the church of Jesus Christ, His Bride, were to actually say, YES to Him as LORD? In this message Pastor Pete begins an eight week series on stewardship: by definition – taking care of someone else’s property as if it were your own. Pastor Pete speaks to the subject of giving God ourselves. The Body of Christ requires every member of the Body doing its part and share. A theological, practical overview is given over II Corinthians 1:12-24 and I Corinthians 12:1-31. We want to say YES to God in loving God and loving others; and serving God and serving others. The subject of spiritual gifts is presented in order to equip the body to do the work of the ministry.

September 2011

Part Five: The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness – What True and Authentic Forgiveness Looks Like: Confirmation and Compassion

September 25, 2011 Part Five: What True and Authentic Forgiveness Looks Like: Confirmation and Compassion - Genesis 44:1-34 How does one confirm a person’s authenticity when they have wronged us without betraying the Scriptural admonition to keep no record of wrongs? In this time together Scripture will unwrap and release the tension between those two seemingly opposing truths. Authentic forgiving and forgiveness starts with confrontation and moves towards confession. From confession we confirm truth and show compassion to the offender being reminded of our own offense before God.

Part Four: What True and Authentic Forgiveness Looks Like: Confrontation and Confession. Genesis 44:1-18

Remember where you were on 9/11? From the perspective of the offenders and the life illustration of Joseph the offended we learn how to confront our sin, confess our sin and concede our own need for forgiveness from God and from others we have wronged. This lesson is a practical primer on working through the emotions of forgiving and being forgiven and the decisions we make by faith to help us on our spiritual journey towards forgiveness and reconciliation.

Part Three: The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness: A Severe Famine In Canaan (Rejoicing in the Grace and Mercy of the Ruler at the Head of the table) Genesis 43:1-34

Running on empty? God has given us His Holy Spirit so we can live lives that are full and satisfied. He created us for Himself. When we get hungry enough things will change in our lives. Delaying the consequences will not delay the inevitable work God wants to do in our lives. Dwelling on the past only cripples us in the present. We must learn, as Joseph and his eleven brothers as well as Jacob / Israel, confronted their fears, by faith, not running away from what is hard just because it is hard. As we bow in humility and true repentance, before God and others we have wronged, we can watch in shock and awe God’s amazing work of reconciliation played out in our lives.

August 2011

Part Two: The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness: A Famine in Canaan (Learning to Fear God in the Journey to Forgiveness) Genesis 42:1-35

God often uses famine, harsh words and circumstances, solitary confinement and even a form of prison to cause us to long for God's rescue and fulfillment. Listen to the Biblical account of Joseph's brothers as they learn to fear God in their circumstances and begin to see His providential work in their lives for their good and for God's glory.