March 2013

E A S T E R 2013

The zenith of the Christian faith is wrapped up in swaddling cloths, lying in a humble manger, destined to die a cruel death on a humble cross. From the cradle to the cross Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. The cross is where heaven and earth met to deal once for all with the problem of man’s sin. Jesus took upon Himself the full wrath of God for the sin of man. God’s anger was propitiated (satisfied). The full payment for sin was paid to the Father in the death of the Son. This Resurrection Sunday we will be led from the cradle to the cross to the crown. We will see Jesus the Baby, Jesus the Child, Jesus the Man, Jesus the Savior, Jesus the Risen Lord. Come, Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – The Lord’s Deli

Our Lord is Creator of heaven and earth and it is by His hand we are created and sustained. Nothing is ever wasted in God’s economy. Imagine the disciples angst when the day was far spent, they were weary, tired maybe even a bit annoyed with the crowds that hadn’t prepared for their own basic necessities. Their appeal to the Lord was to send the multitudes away to dine out. Jesus solution was for them to dine in. All they had at their disposal were five loaves and two scrawny fish. Listen for LIFE as Pastor Pete shares the amazing story of the LORD’S Deli: A place with great ambience, great value, great customer service, great investment opportunities, a great place to hang out with great owners and last but not least, Great FOOD!

The Gospel of Mark – The Murder of John the Baptist

Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest of all the Prophets and yet here we are in Mark 6:14-29 with John the Baptist giving his life in a martyrs death, losing his head, for the sake of truth and the Gospel. What will faithfulness to the mission of the gospel look like? It may cost us our very lives. Have you ever considered what our attitude should be when we are misunderstood, mistreated or even murdered? When our name, reputation or even death is put on the line for the sake of the Gospel many of us give a second thought as to the degree of our commitment. John was all in as was Jesus. John, like most of the New Testament church fathers were abandoned to Christ. God expects nothing less from any one of us. Pastor Pete brings this message on how to finish strong no matter the issues on the journey or the situation God allows to pass from His hand into ours. It is all good, meant for God’s glory and our good. (Romans 8:28) Listen for LIFE!

February 2013

The Gospel of Mark – Partnering With God (Part Four)

Pastor Pete will carefully unwrap twelve essential ministry principles from Mark 6:6-13, 30,31. From the ministry of Jesus, as He sent out His disciples, apostles two by two, why did our Lord send His disciples out with nothing but a message? What was the lesson for them then and for us today? Once we know our calling and our message we need to come to understand who we are in partnership with, what our motives are, where we get our provisions, what to do with our baggage, what is it that betrays our identity, integrity and attitude? We will answer the question of who we are accountable to, what should be our life focus and lastly, what will our fruit look like when we faithfully finish the course set before us. Listen for Life!

The Gospel of Mark – Dealing With Failure and Rejection in the Ministry Part Three

Most believers today are wasting their lives pursuing the empty dreams and promises of the Enemy. In Mark 6:6,7 The Lord Jesus called out His twelve apostles, disciples to go out two by two to share the gospel message of good news to a lost and dying world. For one and a half years Jesus had done all the preaching, teaching, healing and evangelizing. It was time for the disciples to move from the principles to the practical application of doing the ministry for themselves in the power of Christ and His gospel. It is high time for the church as well to move out for the King into His kingdom, not only because we’ve been called but because we’ve been given a message. We are ambassadors for Christ. God is pleading through us to those who are lost to come to repentance and salvation in Christ alone. In this message Pastor Pete will carefully examine our calling, the five phases of God’s calling, and our message: what exactly is the gospel of Jesus Christ? As willing bond slaves of Jesus Christ we give ourselves completely to the Lordship of Christ. Our lives are at His disposal for the faithful deliverance of His gospel, even to people who will reject the message and the messenger because they are lovers of self over lovers of God. Listen for LIFE!

The Gospel of Mark – Dealing with Failure and Rejection in the Ministry Part Two

Many people in the church of Jesus Christ either don’t know God’s calling on their lives, for what it is He has called them to do for Him, or they feel inadequate to the task and simply fill their lives with empty, meaningless pursuits and activities that will have little to no merit throughout eternity. Let’s assume everyone wants to make a difference with their lives, It is Satan’s objective to so distract us as believers we end up living entire lifetimes without making a difference or impacting our world for Christ. All of us can do a little bit. We will all, individually stand before the Bema Seat of Christ, to give an answer for what we did with Jesus and His message of redemption. We will individually do that work in as many different ways as God has given us fingerprints. With many hands working together, the work of the kingdom will get done. Pastor Pete gives us a challenge from Mark 6:7-13 and verses 30-32 from the lives of the disciples of Jesus who were sent out and failed in the work He called them to do. What are ten lessons we can take with us for our own lives and ministries as we Listen for LIFE?

January 2013

The Gospel of Mark – What Happens When Prophets Go Home?

What are the consequences of unbelief? What are the various stages of faith as a born again believer? In the text for this week’s message, Pastor Pete shares the tragic reception of Jesus back into His home town of Nazareth. What lessons can be learned for ourselves when we experience the inevitable reactions of many, the inevitable questions of many, the inevitable conclusions of many and the plausible applications for many? What happens when prophets go home and try and share the truth of the gospel message to family members and those who know us best? In this passage we will learn how to deal with the inevitable feelings of rejection and failure in ministry. Listen for Life!

The Gospel of Mark – O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing

Jesus was not proclaimed for who He really was by those who followed Him until the last chapter of the book of Mark, where we hear in Mark 15:39 of the Centurion at the death of Christ who said, “Truly this Man was the Son of God.” The demons believed and spoke out fearlessly the truth of His Person: fully God, fully Man, but not until the end of this book do we see His followers and the multitudes who witnessed His amazing power over Satan, demons, disease, creation: the wind and the waves, hunger and even over death itself that Jesus was indeed who He said He was. We see two people who exemplify true faith in Mark 5:21-43, a man wealthy, prosperous and highly esteemed and an outcast woman, timid and fearful come to Jesus in true faith so driven by their desperation and need that all else paled in comparison. One day, around the throne of God, in eternity future, we will gather as an uncountable throng of believers declaring in praise, adoration and worship the truth of who Jesus really is. Pastor Pete will hang this amazing story on the five stanzas of a truly great hymn of the faith: “O for a thousand tongues to sing, My great Redeemer’s praise, The glories of my God and King, the triumphs of His grace.” In light of this amazing story within a story, set to music, we are challenged as well to Listen for LIFE!

December 2012

The Gospel of Mark – My Name is Legion Pt Two

In this Part Two message on Mark 5:1-20 Pastor Pete completes the outline below. On this last Sunday of 2012 this message serves to be a wonderful reminder of the need to look backwards so that we can look forward. Most of us don’t learn well from our past mistakes we seem to be doomed to repeat them. History is a cruel teacher. If we would take time to pay attention to our past and learn from the mistakes of others we might be able to avoid pitfalls in the future. Legion is within all of us. We may not be demon possessed but we are all under the influence of sin, death and destruction. This message will give you some practical tools in overcoming the fear of the enemy and help you to enter in to the victory our Lord has already purchased for us through His precious blood. Listen for LIFE

The Gospel of Mark – My Name is Legion!

Have you ever seen or heard of anyone demon possessed? Even demon oppressed? Who is Satan and what are his goals for the both the believer and unbeliever? For those of us who have experienced possession of Satan or still live in chains and under demonic oppression how do we get freed and experience true liberty in Christ? Pastor Pete will retell the story, “My Name is Legion” from Mark 5:1-20 the demon possessed man who Jesus miraculously delivered. In this important lesson we will learn where legion lives, what legion does, how legion feels, who legion is, what legion needs, when legion is destroyed and lastly, when we are freed from Satan’s shackles how the freed believer responds? Listen for LIFE!