September 2011

Part Three: The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness: A Severe Famine In Canaan (Rejoicing in the Grace and Mercy of the Ruler at the Head of the table) Genesis 43:1-34

Running on empty? God has given us His Holy Spirit so we can live lives that are full and satisfied. He created us for Himself. When we get hungry enough things will change in our lives. Delaying the consequences will not delay the inevitable work God wants to do in our lives. Dwelling on the past only cripples us in the present. We must learn, as Joseph and his eleven brothers as well as Jacob / Israel, confronted their fears, by faith, not running away from what is hard just because it is hard. As we bow in humility and true repentance, before God and others we have wronged, we can watch in shock and awe God’s amazing work of reconciliation played out in our lives.

August 2011

Part Two: The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness: A Famine in Canaan (Learning to Fear God in the Journey to Forgiveness) Genesis 42:1-35

God often uses famine, harsh words and circumstances, solitary confinement and even a form of prison to cause us to long for God's rescue and fulfillment. Listen to the Biblical account of Joseph's brothers as they learn to fear God in their circumstances and begin to see His providential work in their lives for their good and for God's glory.

Part One: The Amazing Power of True Forgiveness (How to awaken a seared conscience) Genesis 42:1-35

Are you running on empty? What if God chooses to use famine in our lives to awaken our deadened or seared conscience? Famine is often used by God in our lives to cause us to no longer be satisfied with the emptiness of what the world has to offer us. We choose to be filled up on the wrong things and leave each experience emptier than when we sat down at the table. Satisfaction and contentment can only happen as we are filled with Spirit and not with ourselves.