“What Difference Does It Make? The Doctrine of Election Clarified

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Sermon Notes

We’ve all been quoted as having said these words: “What Difference Does it Make?” This is the title for this week’s message in the book of Romans 9:6-13. We embark upon a dangerous and treacherous journey of seeking to understand and comprehend the mind and heart of God when it comes to the subject of salvation. Where heretical teachings have risen is often around the subject of God’s will in choosing some to salvation, we call this the doctrine of Election. Pastor Pete and Family Bible Church’s prayer is that we rightly divide the Word of Truth and do no harm when seeking to preach the whole counsel of God. Just because we can’t seem to wrap our finite minds around these cardinal, doctrinal truths doesn’t mean they are somehow untrue and unnecessary for the right and proper exposition of the Scriptures. We will seek to answer four questions: 1.) What’s the difference? Verse Six, Who Qualifies? 2.) What’s the Use? Verse Seven, What’s Required? 3.) What’s the Matter? Verse Eight, Who’s Chosen? and 4.) What’s the Deal? Verses Nine through Thirteen, Who Chooses? Bring it Home as you Listen for LIFE!